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CHIRI People – Shelley Waters

By Kerrie Collier 30 June 2017 Announcements News Comments off

Shelley WatersCongratulations to CHIRI PhD Student Shelley Waters (School of Biomedical Sciences), who won the prize for the best research presentation at the Immunology Day meeting of the WA Branch of Australasian Society for Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) on 10th June.  The presentation was titled “Is saliva an informative non-invasive sample for studying clinical CMV strains?”.  The judges noted that the work was new and interesting – and beautifully presented.

ASMR award – Dr Mark Agostino

By Kerrie Collier 14 June 2017 Announcements News Comments off

Dr Mark Agostino was recently awarded the Best Presentation by a Post-doctoral Fellow or Clinician, for his presentation at the annual research symposium of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR). The award is sponsored by the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University and St John of God Health Care. Dr Agostino’s presentation, titled “Structure-based prediction of Wnt-Frizzled binding affinities”, described the development and application of computational methods for predicting the likely binding strength of Wnt proteins for Frizzled proteins, as well as the Wnt interaction with the Secreted Frizzled-Related Proteins, all of which are of significant interest to understanding a wide range of biological processes at the molecular level, particularly cancer and embryonic development. This work is presently supported by the Raine Medical Research Foundation and the Curtin Institute for Computation, and has been recently published in the prestigious Journal of Biological Chemistry.” Congratulations Mark!

Mark Agostino

Dr Agostino (centre) receiving the award at the WA ASMR Gala Dinner

EU 2020 Horizon Scholarship success

By Kerrie Collier 14 June 2017 Announcements News Opportunities Comments off

Al-Salami, HaniCurtin (Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute) has been awarded world class Australian-European funding from the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 funding agency to support selective Curtin students/staff to spend 2 to 3 months in Europe (secondments), over the period of April 2017 till December 2019.

The funding covers 4 secondments for the principle Curtin leader of the MEDLEM project, Dr Hani Al-Salami and 3 Curtin students or staff, to spend 2-3 months in Europe, interacting and networking with European partners (Serbia, Germany and France).

This is one of the world’s most prestigious, globally recognized, awards, and will add significantly to the successful candidate’s resume and personal experience.

Read more….

CHIRI research highlighted by lead journals

By Kerrie Collier 14 June 2017 News Comments off

Great to see more CHIRI research being highlighted by lead journals, this time in the Nutritional Physiology field and relative to Cardiovascular Disease risk. Please congratulate Deasy Irawati and the supervisory team on this PhD study publication.

Mamo, John5KarinTony2

(l-r) Deasy Irawati, John Mamo, Karin Slivkoff-Clark, Mario Soares, Tony James

Australian Research Council Future Fellowship Award

By Kerrie Collier 6 June 2017 Announcements News Comments off

Dr Josh Ramsay (School of Biomedical Sciences) has been awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for Harnessing horizontal gene transfer for sustainable nitrogen fixation – $780,000.  Josh’s interests in microbial gene transfer cuts across many disciplines including agriculture, environment and health domains and this four-year focused research Fellowship will enable Josh to significantly grow his research lines of enquiry.  A favourite amongst undergraduate students for innovative projects, Josh’s research has been consistently published in high ranked journals and received significant media attention.  Indeed, Josh was recently recognised as a rising star at the Science on Swan Meeting 2017!

Please congratulate Josh on this wonderful achievement.

Baker IDI postdoctoral appointment

By Kerrie Collier 1 June 2017 Announcements News Comments off

Please wish Corey Giles all the best with his pending postdoctoral appointment at the Baker IDI. Corey is essentially printing off his PhD for submission, which included three first author papers, 11 co-authored papers and has two more first author manuscripts in submission mode. Corey will be joining Professor Peter Meikle’s group (lipidomics), who were keen to secure an early start with Corey. We are confident we will see Corey quite regularly through collaborative arrangements of several CHIRI groups with the Meikle laboratory.

All the very best Corey to you and your family!

ARC Linkage grant success

By Kerrie Collier 24 May 2017 News Comments off


Please congratulate CHIRI’s Professor Ricardo Mancera (School of Biomedical Sciences) on his recent ARC Linkage grant success with his application titled “Advanced cryobanking for recalcitrant-seeded Australian rainforest plants” Ricardo was the leading chief investigator on this grant application, which involves researchers from RMIT, UWA, ANSTO, the US Department of Agriculture, University of South Dakota, Kings Park Botanic Garden and the Australian Botanic Garden.  The award is for nearly $600K over 4 years. Read more…

At the forefront – Dr Josh Ramsay

By Kerrie Collier 24 May 2017 News Comments off

In case you missed this lovely article on one of CHIRI’s rising stars, recently published in The West Australian ……


In this special Science on the Swan edition, we profile some of the brightest up-and-coming West Australian researchers and the exciting work they are doing.

Ramsay laboratory, School of Biomedical Sciences and Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, Curtin University Bacterial gene exchange and the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Antibiotic resistance, one of the greatest health challenges of our time, is assisted by the fact that bacteria are able to evolve rapidly and directly share their DNA with each other through a process known as horizontal gene transfer. Read more…

Journal of Biological Chemistry

By Kerrie Collier 24 May 2017 News Comments off

It is always great to have papers published and particularly satisfying to announce high impact factor publications.  On this occasion, please congratulate Mark, Sebastian and Dharma for their pending publication titled Structure-based prediction of Wnt binding affinities for Frizzled-type cysteine-rich domains” in the prestigious Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Agostino, Mark2Pohl, Sebastian5Dharma4

(L-R)  Mark Agostino, Sebastian Pohl and Arun Dharmarajan

CCTRM Annual Research Symposium

By Kerrie Collier 24 May 2017 Events News Comments off

Please congratulate Deirdre Coombe & Pritinder Coombe who, on behalf of CHIRI, co-hosted UWA’s Centre for Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine’s 5th Annual Research Symposium. Approximately 65 attendees were hosted to a series of outstanding national and international presentations. In addition to the exceptional presentations, feedback from the postgraduates in attendance indicated they were very interested to hear about the research strategies adopted by leading researchers in the field.

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