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Welcome to CHIRI

By Kerrie Collier 1 February 2017 Announcements News Comments off

Please join us in welcoming Dr Yu Yu to the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute.

Dr Yu Yu graduated in Medical Science (Pharmacology and Biochemistry) from the University of Sydney.  She was trained in anti-cancer therapeutics development in the Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology laboratory at the same institution, where she gained a PhD in Medicine. Her postdoctoral training has been conducted in TeLinde Gynecologic Pathology Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (United States), under the guidance of Professors Ie-Ming Shih and Tian-Li Wang, with the focus on ovarian cancer therapy.

Yu Yu’s primary research goals are dedicated to combat cancer and its recurrence.  A report from this work was published in Cancer Cell, titled “Inhibition of spleen tyrosine kinase potentiates paclitaxel-induced cytotoxicity in ovarian cancer cells by stabilizing microtubules” Cancer Cell 28(1):82-96. She has a keen research interest in experimental therapeutics, with experiences in drug classes that target cellular iron, cytoskeletal dynamics and kinase activities. Some of her studies include investigation on the “omics” mechanism of chemotherapy resistance, orthotopic animal models for recurrent tumors, preclinical research on investigational new drugs and biomarkers to improve pharmacological response, and rational combinatorial therapy for improved patient survival.


CHIRI People – Dr Sheena Regan

By Kerrie Collier 15 December 2016 Announcements News Comments off

We would like to congratulate Dr Sheena Regan, co-supervised by Prof Arunasalam Dharmarajan, who has been awarded a “Society for Reproductive Biology Early Career Researcher Collaborative Research Travel Award”.  The ECR Collaborative Research Grants are a new initiative from the SRB.  These awards will fund the travel of an ECR to the institution of another ECR for the purpose of planning joint research and/or the conduct of preliminary experiments or to allow the training of an Early Career Researcher by another (for example in a technique).

CHIRI People – Dr. Mark Agostino

By Kerrie Collier 13 December 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Agostino, who has received a Raine Priming Grant for 2017/2018 for his project titled ‘Structural characterization of the Wnt signalling pathway’. 

The Wnt signalling pathway is of significant clinical interest for cancer treatment. Although structures of many proteins comprising the pathway are known, structural details of their interactions with one another remain largely unknown. In particular, the structure of the activated state of the Frizzled receptor, the gateway between extra and intra-cellular components of the pathway, remains elusive. This project will use a variety of computational and simulation methods to propose the structures of the protein-protein interactions making up the Wnt signalling pathway. The structural basis of the mode of action of the Wnt antagonist, SFRP4, will also be investigated, and anticancer lead molecules based on this will be identified.

Agostino, Mark2

The Raine Research Committee awards Priming Grants for medical scientists and clinicians at an early stage in their research career, particularly for those who are progressing towards an independent research career to assist them to become more competitive for national and international peer-reviewed Grants.

The Grants provide funding for research into any area of medical science that investigates the nature, origin and cause of human disease, and the prevention, cure, alleviation and combating of such disease.

CHIRI People – Dr. Evelyne Deplazes

By Kerrie Collier 9 December 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Yet another accolade for one of our outstanding emerging young scientists.  Please congratulate Dr. Evelyne Deplazes for being recognised as the ‘Young Biophysicist of the Year’  by the Australian Society for Biophysics (ASB). The award is a prestigous and coveted award recognising exceptional talent.

CHIRI People – Dr Ryusuke Takechi

By Kerrie Collier 9 December 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Dr. Ryusuke Takechi has been awarded a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship.  The title of his Fellowship Award is Restoration of diabetes associated cognitive deficits through the modulation of cerebrovascular integrity’.

Congratulations Ryu!

CHIRI Image of the Year Winner

By Kerrie Collier 25 November 2016 News Technology Comments off

Congratulations to Miheer Sabale for winning Image of the Year!  The Nikon camera award was presented at the CHIRI Focus on Microscopy Workshop.  A big thanks to everyone who helped judge images throughout the year and for Coherent Scientific/Nikon for sponsoring!

Also, thanks to everyone for their submissions, participation and engagement throughout the year. All entries were well received and it was great to see the many different techniques/instruments highlighted in the images. Coherent/Nikon are more than happy to continue to support and we will be back next year!

Fluorescent ICC staining in stably transfected Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (Mef) cells
Cells have been stained with a Presenilin antibody (green) and an anti-FLAG antibody (red). The yellow colour of this composite image is indicative of a significant overlap between the two antibodies. Nuclei are stained blue with Hoechst.

CHIRI People – Dr. Rodrigo Carlessi

By Kerrie Collier 23 November 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Please congratulate Dr. Rodrigo Carlessi who won the best poster prize at the Australian Islet Study Group Meeting (AISG 2016) which took place at the RMIT University in Melbourne on the 18th November.  The poster title was ‘GLP-1 receptor signaling promotes β-cell glucose metabolism via mTOR-dependent HIF-1α activation’.  Rodrigo’s supervisor is Prof. Philip Newsholme (School of Biomedical Sciences) and other CHIRI researchers collaborating on this project include Jordan Rowlands, Dr. Vinicius F. Cruzat, Dr. Kevin N. Keane and A/Prof. Cyril Mamotte.

Rodrigo Carlessi AISG 2016 Award

CHIRI People – Congratulations to Marco Falasca

By Kerrie Collier 17 November 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Please congratulate CHIRI colleague (School of Biomedical Sciences), Professor Marco Falasca, recipient of the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation ‘Accelerator Grant 2016′ to fund high quality projects that can clearly demonstrate support for the Foundation’s vision ‘To break through 40 years of no progress by doubling the number of people who survive pancreatic cancer by 2020′. 

‘A novel therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer: Implications for therapy and diagnosis’.  In summary, the project team have discovered that a protein named GPR55 promotes pancreatic cancer growth. Their preliminary data demonstrates that a GPR55 inhibitor, in combination with a drug used in therapy, is able to increase survival in mice that develop pancreatic cancer. The project team’s plan is to identify more potent drug combinations to treat pancreatic cancer and also identify new marker that will enable to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier.  For further details the press release can be found here.

Falasca, Marco3

Congratulations to Brad Zhang and team

By Kerrie Collier 17 November 2016 Announcements News Comments off

Please congratulate our CHIRI-colleague Brad Zhang (SPH), who relocated his laboratory activities with the multi-centered Genetic origins of Health and Disease unit (MRF Building, CBD), on his recent grant success.  Whilst Brad is focussing principally on diseases affecting children, his methodologies are broadly relevant to CHIRI research foci. Please feel free to contact Brad for any collaborative concepts you may identify.

Molecular mechanisms of preterm birth induced childhood asthma – Yong Song, Peter Noble, Guicheng Zhang – $19,642

Using whole genome sequencing to identify pathogenic copy number variants in children with congenital heart defects – Guicheng Zhang, Nicholas Pachter, Phillip Melton – $20,000

Developing simple markers of respiratory and immune system gene-expression signatures to predict clinical course and response to treatment in children with acute severe wheezing – a crucial step in the translational medicine pipeline for personalised medicine  2016-2019 – Dr Ingrid Laing, Dr Anthony Bosco, Dr Belinda Hales, Dr Guicheng Zhang, Dr Joelene Bizzintino, Prof Peter Le Souëf – Telethon New Children’s Hospital Research Fund 2015 – $248,728.5

Zhang, Brad4

CHIRI People – Student Award

By Kerrie Collier 14 November 2016 News Comments off

Please congratulate Aleksandra Adamska who recently won the prestigious Australasian Pancreatic Research Prize ‘The Lord Richard Williams Award’.  Aleksandra gave a wonderful presentation at the Australasian Pancreatic Club Annual Scientific meeting and was ranked first from presentations made by other student Registrars and Clinical/Research Fellows.  Moreover, the award is in recognition for a contribution likely to make the greatest impact on pancreatic cancer. The abstract title was “A novel therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer: Implications for therapy and diagnosis”.

 A fantastic achievement for Aleksandra and the team led by Professor Marco Falasca.

Aleksandra Adamska APC Award Aleksandra Adamska APC Award Cert

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