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Tobacco control success – lessons from the Curtin University Library

By Curtin Library 13 November 2020 Library Services JCPML News & events Special collections Comments Off on Tobacco control success – lessons from the Curtin University Library

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Items from the Mike Daube collection

This year, the Curtin University Library made the Mike Daube Tobacco Control and Public Health Collection available. The collection is the culmination of more than five decades of research material related to the effects of tobacco and smoking, and public health advocacy, all donated by public heath advocate Professor Mike Daube AO.

Daube is a public health advocate who has maintained his commitment to achieving sustainable change in public health outcomes for more than five decades, with specific focus on the public health crisis caused by the effects of tobacco and smoking. His public health campaigning has left a lasting legacy of research material that has continued to inspire others and that the Library is proud to host and preserve.

His work has contributed to legislation in many areas related to smoking and tobacco control, including plain packaging of tobacco products and restrictions on advertising in and sponsorship of sport by tobacco companies. In addition to his role as Director General of Health WA, Daube has been associated with Curtin University as Professor of Public Health Policy, and Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth.

The papers and collections represent Daube’s life’s work and, upon his retirement, he approached University Librarian Catherine Clark and offered the collection to the Library, hoping to make it more widely available. Seeing the value and importance of the collection, the Library committed substantial resources to taking it on.

Taking five years from transfer to process, the resulting ‘Tobacco Control and Public Health Collection’ was preserved by the Library to ensure that this important research was not lost and could be made available to as many people as possible. To assist people in discovering tobacco control and other areas of public health advocacy in the collection, library staff wrote meaningful, detailed descriptions when cataloguing the collection so items can be easily discovered online.

The collection is comprised of published and unpublished material relating to public health policy and advocacy in the United Kingdom, Australia and internationally, and includes reports which were limited in distribution. The collection also includes public health advocacy materials in languages other than English.

Curtin University Library supports the development of sustainable health outcomes by providing access to this sort of research material in public health advocacy. This material has been made available for discovery by anyone, anywhere to enable further research and development of public health programs and advocacy, and, most importantly, to serve as an inspiring example of how to succeed in public health advocacy. The collection demonstrates that long-term, sustained commitment can bring about substantial change for the benefit of many.

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