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Mike Daube Tobacco Control and Public Health Special Collection

By Curtin Library 24 August 2020 Library Services JCPML News & events Special collections Comments Off on Mike Daube Tobacco Control and Public Health Special Collection

Marking a four decade public health career, the Mike Daube Tobacco Control and Public Health collection is now available via Curtin University Library.

Emeritus Professor Mike Daube AO has been a leader in tobacco control and public health advocacy in the United Kingdom, Australia and internationally. He has published widely and worked on tobacco and other issues for WHO, governments and health organisations in more than 40 countries. His collected papers, unpublished works, ephemera and more tell the story of Australia’s declining smoking rates and innovative public health programs.

About Mike Daube

The collection reflects Professor Daube’s career in advocacy, commencing in 1970 in the United Kingdom with SHELTER, the National Campaign for the Homeless, followed by tobacco campaign experience working with Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

He moved to Western Australia in 1984 as Executive Director of Health Promotion and Education Services at the Department of Health, followed by other senior roles in government. In 2001 he was appointed as the first Director General of the Health Department in Western Australia. He was also Chair of the National Public Health Partnership.

In 2005 he commenced as Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University where he was also Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth. Other roles included President of the Public Health Association of Australia, President of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, and co-chair of the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol.

In 2008 Minister for Health Nicola Roxon appointed Professor Daube to the National Preventative Health Taskforce. In response to recommendations of the Taskforce’s Tobacco Committee, which he chaired, in November 2012 Australia became the first country in the world to implement the plain packaging of tobacco products.

Professor Daube was awarded an AO (Officer in the Order of Australia) in 2014, and named the West Australian of the Year 2018-2019. In 2018 he was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor by Curtin University.

Donation & processing

The collection was donated to Curtin University Library by Professor Daube in September 2015. The process of arranging and describing the collection resulted in the addition of 64 boxes of correspondence, unpublished reports and research material, which covers tobacco control and public health, and 400 publications donated by Mike Daube to the library collection. The complete collection is now stored with other library special collections in the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library archives.

“The collection takes you through a comprehensive journey through nearly 50 years of advocacy in health and social areas, with a particular focus on tobacco,” says Daube. “The success of tobacco advocacy programs mean they can be used as a model in so many other areas.”

“I hope the collection will be useful to people working on the history of tobacco and tobacco advocacy, but also those working in public health. In advocacy, you can be up against some tough opposition. This collection shows how you can work as individuals, small organisations and academics to save lives, millions at a time,” says Daube.

“This is a unique collection that gives you a sense of the progress in public health advocacy in Australia and around the world, and we’re honoured to hold this at our institution.” says Catherine Clark, University Librarian at Curtin University Library.

The Daube collection is available to search online.

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