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‘”Good for the Soul”: John Curtin’s Life with Poetry’ book release

By Curtin Library 4 February 2021 Library Services JCPML Special collections Comments Off on ‘”Good for the Soul”: John Curtin’s Life with Poetry’ book release

In this new release, Dr Toby Davidson, great-grandson of wartime Prime Minister John Curtin, reveals a new perspective on Curtin and his love of poetry, and how this love influenced his thoughts and language.

When he first became Prime Minister in October 1941, John Curtin informed the press that he held to a Sunday night poetry reading ritual and he declared that “every man should read poetry for the good of his soul”.

The book provides insight into the University’s namesake and his love for the arts; a man who held to a weekly poetry ritual and believed that without “poets, thinkers, dreamers, artists, sculptors and musicians … this country would be but a material place, well fed, perhaps, but not happy or enduring.”

‘Good for the Soul': John Curtin’s Life with Poetry is now available through University of Western Australia Publishing.

Quotes by Dr Toby Davidson, originally published via The Lighthouse, Macquarie University, 2 February 2021. Read the full article here.

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