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October video: taking command of social media


In this month’s edition, I talk about an exciting new addition to Curtin Business School facilities, The Agency, which is due to open in November. The Agency is next door to the state-of-the-art Trading Room and is a social media command centre, enabling strategic monitoring of important social media channels.

I also provide a quick update on the new building for the Curtin Medical School.

  1. Abdullah Sheikhi October 23, 2015 4:06pm

    Go Forward Curtin… Great job. Just would like to point out that the building number of the new Medical School is 410 not 401.

  2. Lynn Xia October 23, 2015 4:54pm

    However, Youtobe can not be accessed in China. So can this video be uploaded to Youku as soon as possible?

    • Jolyon Forsyth October 24, 2015 11:21am

      When I tried to create a Youku account, it required a Chinese phone number. Thus I was unable to create an account to upload video for students in China.

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