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Curtin University
Note to staff

26 April 2016


Joint statement – Embracing Future Opportunities

Consultation will soon begin across Curtin in preparation for the negotiation of our new enterprise agreement for staff.  I encourage you all to be involved as it will be an opportunity for you to hear more details about the process; to ask questions on issues that may be of interest or concern to you; and to contribute to the discussions.

Details concerning the consultative sessions that will be held will be circulated as soon as possible.  A number of different sessions will be held to ensure that we are able to consult as widely and as deeply as possible.  We are genuinely interested in your views and I can assure you that your feedback will be considered.

All of the State’s public universities (Curtin, ECU, Murdoch and UWA) are negotiating their enterprise agreements this year.  Although we each have specific issues that will be of concern to staff within our own institutions, we do face common issues in preparing our organisations for the future so that we continue to be relevant and viable and, importantly, remain great places to work.

Teams made up of members of the senior executive and human resources from each institution have been sharing ideas about how, as a sector, we can best prepare for future challenges and continue our important service to the community.  A joint statement has been prepared by the four vice-chancellors outlining our areas of common interest and concern, especially in relation to the rapidly changing environment in which universities operate.  You can find the statement here.

I hope this Note provides a useful context to Curtin’s 2016 enterprise agreement discussions.  I encourage you to be involved in the forthcoming consultative sessions and look forward to your contribution in helping to shape how we evolve as an organisation that continues to provide appropriate and fair working conditions for staff.

If you have any initial questions or comments at this stage, I encourage you to contact Mr Ian Jackson (Director, People and Culture).



  1. Steven Bottomley April 26, 2016 11:11am

    The joint statement is typical management rhetoric and nothing we haven’t seen previously. In fact, it contains arguments for ‘flexibility’, ‘global competitiveness’, ‘disruptive technologies’, and ‘efficiency’ that are eerily similar to the reasons given for academic reshaping and EQUIP. And many staff still suffering from the consequences of those devastating and unecessary events.

    The academic, professional and technical staff at Curtin have proven their efficiency, dedication, and hard work countless times over many years. They have always adapted to change and have been responsible for the growth of Curtin. They deserve stable and secure employment. They deserve to have their workplace conditions enhanced and protected. These dedicated staff are the heart and mind of Curtin. Listen to them, treat them fairly, with honestly, and with respect.

  2. Deborah Terry April 27, 2016 7:53am

    Dear Steven

    Thank you for your comment. I can assure you that the University will treat staff with fairness, honesty and respect throughout the enterprise bargaining process.

    with best wishes


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