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Curtin University
Note to staff

22 September 2016


Social media issue

Unfortunately a distressing verbal altercation that took place on our Bentley campus yesterday was filmed and has been posted on social media.

We are aware that the video may not show all events leading up to or following the altercation, and we are working to ensure we have a full understanding of what transpired.

The video is attracting significant attention and we have prepared a statement for the media which is available on our News and Events webpage.

I would like to assure all students and staff that Curtin will continue to strongly support an inclusive and multicultural ethos on our campuses and in the broader community.  We are a proudly multicultural institution and people of all races, faiths and world views are welcome here if they behave in a way which is consistent with our values.

If you have any concerns please contact our Safer Communities Team on 9266 4444.


  1. Marc Lambert September 24, 2016 3:02am

    The person holding the camera didn’t do anything offensive on camera and the person on camera made no reference to a prior action the camera holder took that was offensive. I’m quite shocked at Maggie’s view that it is unequivocally the camera holder at ‘fault’ for this altercation, if that opinion is informed by the video alone. The video shows a person being attacked and abused because of a tshirt they chose to wear. I would strongly support a thorough investigation by Curtin and a statement to explain what transpired.

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