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Curtin University
Note to staff

10 May 2016


Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in a State Government delegation to Indonesia led by the Minister for Education, Peter Collier.

It was wonderful to meet so many of our Curtin alumni in Indonesia, many of whom are now in relatively senior positions both within universities and beyond.  The fact that we have had so much impact on the region through our profile in international education, is a very significant contribution and owes much to the dedication and commitment of our staff.

Closer to home, the Minister for Transport, Dean Nalder, visited our Bentley campus to announce the community consultation on the new high frequency Bus Route 960.  Buses on the new route will run every five minutes during peak times, and every 10 minutes at other times. The new route will operate between Mirrabooka Bus Station and Curtin via ECU’s Mt Lawley campus and the new Perth Busport and is due to commence later this year.

Curtin University Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry and Transport Minister D... (5)

With Minister Nalder at Curtin

Appointment of Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Training

Following an extensive recruitment process, I am very pleased to advise that Professor Garry Allison has been appointed to the role of Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Training and will commence his new position on Tuesday 7 June.

Garry is currently the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Health Sciences and has extensive research leadership, research management and HDR supervision experience.  With an excellent strategic vision and understanding of the national and international research context, I am very confident that Garry will successfully lead the Curtin Graduate Research School and build on his strong rapport across the University.

Development of the University’s new enterprise agreement

Ian Callahan (Chief Operating Officer) has been conducting a number of information sessions with staff on the development of the University’s new enterprise agreement, and Professor John Cordery will be leading similar conversations with the academic community.  I encourage all staff to engage in this important discussion by attending the information sessions or by sending their feedback to

PwC Workforce of the Future seminar

You are invited to hear PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) discuss their recently released report Australian Higher Education Workforce of the Future at a seminar on the Bentley campus. Simon Avenell, a PwC Partner and former academic, will discuss the findings of the report and share insights from one of the largest employers of graduates both in Australia and across the world.

The issues addressed in this report provide a very useful backdrop to the conversations we are having as we shape our future strategic plan and enterprise agreement. The event is scheduled for Wednesday 11 May from 12pm to 2pm in Haydn Williams Lecture Theatre.

Rob Riley Memorial Lecture

The Rob Riley Memorial Lectures have been held at Curtin over the last 12 years to remember and honour the life of one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous statesman and leaders.  Rob Riley left an incredible legacy at Curtin and within the Aboriginal community.

Inspired by his conviction that Australia had to confront its history of dispossession of Aboriginal people from their lands and all that has flowed from it, Rob Riley worked tirelessly to advance social justice and reconciliation with non-indigenous Australia.

This year’s memorial lecture will be hosted by Ben Wyatt, MLA for Victoria Park, and will include tributes from Professor Patricia Dudgeon of The University of WA (and formerly of Curtin’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies), and Professor Quentin Beresford, author of Rob Riley: An Aboriginal Leader’s Quest for Justice, among others.  Professor Beresford’s book is available at the Co-op bookstore on campus and will also be on sale on the evening of the lecture.

The lecture will take place on Friday 13 May in the Tim Winton Lecture Theatre from 5.30-8.00pm and I encourage you to attend. To register for the event, please email by Wednesday 11 May.

Public holidays at Curtin

Further to my Note to Staff on 8 March about public holidays at Curtin, I wanted to confirm how we will be treating public holidays for the remainder of this year and in 2017.

As mentioned previously, working on public holidays that fall within teaching periods is not a common occurrence across Australia but it was established at Curtin to minimise disruption to the academic timetables.

This year, the 6 June and 26 September public holidays do not fall in teaching periods, so the original objective of not observing the public holidays is not applicable for these holidays. Therefore, as previously announced, we will not work on the 6 June and 26 September 2016 public holidays. The normal public holiday skeleton staffing arrangements will apply on these days.

In 2017, two of the three public holidays occur outside teaching periods, so Curtin staff will work on the first public holiday on 6 March but not on the public holidays on 5 June and 25 September.

The Academic Calendar Working Party, chaired by Associate Professor Linley Lord, will consider the academic implications of observing all three public holidays in the future and will also consult with staff. I look forward to your input into this consultation process. All comments that have already been received will be taken into account.

If you have concerns with the proposed arrangements for the 6 June and 26 September 2016 public holidays, please talk to your line manager.

  1. Betty Verhelst May 10, 2016 12:22pm

    Public holidays at Curtin

    From a General staff perspective we much rather take the time off with our families over the Christmas Break as against throughout the year when administrative departments are extremely busy.

  2. Nick Fisher May 10, 2016 12:46pm

    Public holidays – obviously things are different for everyone, but I’m also happy with the current system. I’d rather have the flexibility of having time in lieu to spend when I want, rather than at fixed times during the year (when prices are hiked for accommodation etc anyway). For people with kids and partner’s who don’t also work at Curtin (mine does) then lining up with public/school holidays might be a better option.

    I’m not an academic here, but my partner is, and having been a student and also tutored in the past – I find observance of public holidays really throws out the schedule, and in a way that really isn’t fair compared to students/staff whose classes don’t have to move for a public holiday.

  3. Craig Croxford May 10, 2016 1:58pm

    For staff with children in child care outside of the University this is a welcome change.

  4. Cecilia Sacoto May 10, 2016 3:08pm

    Even though I understand the rationale behind the decision, I must say that one of the reasons of working in the university sector has been the break during Christmas time.
    I have always perceived this as a benefit over working in the private sector.

  5. Cynthia Verspaget May 10, 2016 4:05pm

    On the issue of public holidays for Sessional Staff, we should be considered as others are and treated as humans with families – public holidays should apply to ALL staff.

  6. Deborah Terry May 10, 2016 10:04pm

    Dear colleagues

    Thank you for these additional comments – they are very useful. I will ensure that Associate Professor Linley Lord (as Chair of the Academic Calendar Working Party) has access to them.

    with best wishes


  7. David Hilditch May 11, 2016 9:36am

    Dear Vice-Chancellor
    I note with keen interest the proposed new Bus Route 960. It would be extremely valuable for Curtin staff and students at Curtin Graduate School of Business (and at Curtin Law School) if the bus could be routed via the bus stop located outside CGSB at 78 Murray Street on its way to or from the bus port. I would also like to suggest that Curtin invests in high visibility advertising on the sides of all these buses to more widely promote Curtin University, especially in the CBD.

    Kind Regards

    David Hilditch

    • Deborah Terry May 15, 2016 6:30pm

      Dear David

      Thank you for this suggestion, which our Properties, Facilities and Development area will raise with Transperth.

      We have explored advertising on buses in the past, and will do so again as part of our future marketing plans.

      with best wishes


  8. Vivien Chan May 11, 2016 9:37am

    For those interested about the Bus Route 960, more details are available on the Transperth website (, under ‘Service Updates’ and then ‘Planned Bus Service Changes’.
    The notice is titled “Proposed changes to routes 28, 885, 886, 887, 888, 889 and the introduction of new route 960″ and there is a proposed route map you can view.

  9. Pavel Franger May 17, 2016 1:29pm

    This was a good read. I went to J.I.S & B.I.S while growing up in Jakarta. It’s great we have so many alumni over there!

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