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Note to staff

28 November 2014


Curtin University Media Awards

Earlier this week, I was delighted to host the inaugural Curtin University Media Awards, where the University recognised Curtin academics who have made a significant contribution to raising Curtin’s profile in the media over the last 12 months.

Media coverage enables us to meet our Council set KPI of having the greatest share of positive media voice by 2017. One of the reasons Council set that KPI is because it recognised that positive media coverage helps to enhance the University’s reputation, and contributes to recruitment and engagement outcomes.

Curtin’s academic staff are encouraged to speak to the media in their area of expertise, and media training and support is available through the Media Team.

I thank and congratulate our academic staff and the Media Team for their work and impressive achievements this year.

List of winners:
Vice-Chancellor’s New Media Commentator Award

  • Curtin Business School Professor Alan Duncan
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Ms Amanda Lambros
  • Faculty of Humanities Ms Jemma Green
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering Dr Alec Duncan

Overall winner: Dr Alec Duncan

Vice-Chancellor’s Most Prolific Media Commentator Award

  • Curtin Business School Professor Fiona Haslam McKenzie
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Dr Christina Pollard
  • Faculty of Humanities Professor Peter Newman
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering Professor Phil Bland

Overall winner: Professor Peter Newman

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Continued Outstanding Media Commentary

  • Professor Mike Daube, Faculty of Health Sciences

Public Relations’ Award for Most Outstanding Commentary on a Media Story

  • Dr Alec Duncan – for his media commentary on research related to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Public Relations Award for Most Outstanding Commentary on a Media Issue

  • Dr Anne Aly – for her media commentary relating to Muslim extremism and the Islamic State.

Public Relations’ Award for Best Collaboration with Public Relations

  • Ms Amanda Lambros


Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-2017

As advised in a previous note, Curtin recently launched its 2014 – 2017 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The 2014-2017 RAP builds on the University’s goal of developing culturally capable staff and students and is grounded on the excellent foundation set by the 2008 – 2013 RAP.

Brochures for the RAP will be distributed over the coming week. Please ensure that these are available within your teams and faculties for staff and students to view.  Additional copies can be sourced from Ethics, Equity and Social Justice (EESJ) team.

(L-R) Associate Professor Simon Forrest; Professor Jill Downie; Professor Deborah Terry; The Honourable Fred Chaney and Associate Professor Marion Kickett

(L-R) Associate Professor Simon Forrest; Professor Jill Downie; Professor Deborah Terry; The Honourable Fred Chaney and Associate Professor Marion Kickett.

Research Awards for Excellence 2014

It is my great pleasure to congratulate the winners of the 2014 Curtin Research Awards for Excellence, which were announced at an event on Wednesday.

The John de Laeter Award for Research Leadership To provide recognition for an outstanding research leader at Curtin:

Winner – Professor Tanya Chikritzhs, Faculty of Health Sciences
Runner-up – Professor Boris Gurevich, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Paul G Dunn Research Development Award To provide recognition for a Head of a Faculty/School/Area who fosters/supports and helps to develop research at Curtin:

Winner – Professor Tony Lucey, Faculty of Science and Engineering
Runner-up – Professor Moses Tade, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Curtin Research Support Award To provide recognition for a staff member who supports and enables research activity at Curtin:

Winner – Dr Connie Jackaman, Faculty of Health Sciences
Runner-up – Mrs Sucy Leong, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Awards for publications in the prestigious Journal Nature

Dr James Miller-Jones – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Baryons in the relativistic jets of the stellar-mass black-hole candidate 4U 1630-47.

Dr James Miller-Jones, Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker, Dr Jean-Pierre Macquart and Dr John Morgan – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Bright radio emission from an ultraluminous stellar-mass microquasar in M31.

Dr Ross Edwards – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Onset of deglacial warming in West Antarctica driven by local orbital forcing.

Associate Professor Alexander Nemchin, Dr Marion Grange and Dr Allen Kennedy – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Origin and age of the earliest Martian crust from meteorite NWA 7533.

Awards for Publications in the prestigious Journal Science

Dr James Miller-Jones – Faculty of Science and Engineering.
Publication: Synchronous X-ray and radio mode switches: A rapid global transformation of the pulsar magnetosphere.

Dr James Miller-Jones – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: An accurate geometric distance to the compact binary SS Cygni vindicates accretion disc theory.

Associate Professor Kate Trinajstic – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Fossil Musculature of the Most Primitive Jawed Vertebrates.

Dr Ramesh Bhat – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: A population of fast radio bursts at cosmological distances.

Dr Ramesh Bhat – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: G ravitational-wave limits from pulsar timing constrain supermassive black hole evolution.

Dr Paolo Raiteri & Professor Julian Gale – Faculty of Science and Engineering
Publication: Microscopic evidence for liquid-liquid separation in supersaturated CaCO3 solutions.


WA Data Linkage Infrastructure Project

I was delighted to speak at the launch of the WA Data Linkage Infrastructure Project (WADLIP), which was held on the Bentley Campus yesterday.

WADLIP is an evolution of the original WA Data Linkage Project, which was established in 1995 with a grant from Lotterywest, and is now recognised internationally as a landmark data structure within population health research.

Lotterywest has again supported the project with a further grant of $5.1 million to strategically upgrade and strengthen WA’s data linkage capability to establish WADLIP.

The project is a collaboration between Curtin, UWA, Telethon Kid’s Institute and the WA Department of Health.

WADLIP will significantly expand the State’s current data linkage activities and create additional data sources that do not currently exist nationally or internationally, specifically within high-need community groups, thereby progressing WA’s competitive edge in this area of medical and health research.

We appreciate the continued support of Lotterywest to enable the consortium partners to maintain a leading role in this area.

Curtin Alumni Awards

Last Friday, members of the Curtin alumni gathered in the John Curtin Gallery for the inaugural Curtin Alumni Awards to recognise alumni who are making valuable and significant contributions to society.

I was delighted to present the awards to 14 deserving alumni, which included former West Coast Eagles coach John Worsfold, and Managing Director of Northern Star Resources, Bill Beament, who both received a Distinguished Australian Alumni Award.

Other award categories included Young Alumni, Distinguished International Alumni, Distinguished Australian Alumni and an Inspiring Alumnus.

These important members of the Curtin community are truly changing minds, lives and the world through their actions and commitment. The recipients were very proud to be recognised by their university and everyone present was inspired by their stories.  You can read about the winners and categories here.

I would like to thank the Office of Advancement team and the members of the selection panel for their efforts.

B-HERT Award

I would like to congratulate the Curtin University WA School of Mines on being a joint winner of the Higher Education & Training Collaboration 2014 Award, at the Business/Higher Education Round Table Awards (B/HERT) last week.

The award went to the Minerals Council of Australia, the Minerals Geoscience Honours Program Consortium, The University of Adelaide and Curtin’s WA School of Mines, for the institutions’ collaboration on the Minerals Tertiary Education Council (MTEC).

The MTEC was established in 2000 to secure supply and ensure quality of technical and professional staff for the Australian minerals industry. The core objective is to build capacity in higher education through nationally collaborative programs in mining engineering, metallurgy and minerals geoscience.

I congratulate all staff involved in this important recognition.

Bankwest Art Prize

I am very pleased to announce that Curtin’s Head of Department, Art, Bruce Slatter, has won the Bankwest Art Prize – one of Western Australia’s most prestigious sculpture competitions.

Bruce’s winning sculpture consists of a series of diorama scenes with toy figurines and recycled objects to create a “cabinet of curiosities” from pieces of old buffet sideboards.

His artwork, along with the work of the 17 finalists will be on display at the Bankwest Art Gallery until 6 March.

I congratulate Bruce on this significant achievement.

Leadership Western Australia

I would also like to congratulate three professional staff who graduated from the signature leadership program of Leadership Western Australia on Wednesday night.

Hailey Ross, Public Relations Manager; Lisa Chan, Legal Counsel and Andrea Jones, Associate Director, Marketing Services and Future Students, successfully completed the year-long program which saw them engage with key leaders in WA and visit regional communities.

Leadership WA is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to foster leadership for the benefit of individuals, organisations and the WA community.

United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities will be recognised across the globe on Wednesday 3 December.

The University is committed to inclusivity and diversity for students and staff as guided by the DAIP Annual Activity Plan 2014-15, and to mark the day, Curtin staff are encouraged to help “Stamp out stigma” by wearing sneakers on the day.

The Day aims to promote understanding of disability issues and generate support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities.

Details of on-campus activities will circulated to staff in a broadcast message.

Further information on the range of disability support services at Curtin is available from the Injury Management and Disability Team.

  1. Jeremy Lu November 28, 2014 2:38pm

    Well done and congratulations to all those listed here. Great to see some familiar names from Science being recognised for their achievements and contributions. There seems to be a lot of astronomical activity in the air… no pun intended.

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