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Note to staff

17 April 2014


2014 Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards

I am pleased to announce the 2014 Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards are now open for submissions.

Since 2007, these awards have recognised new technologies, products and services stemming from Curtin research – some of which have developed into successful spin-out companies such as Scanalyse, iCetana and Sensear.

This year, the IP Commercialisation Team has introduced new prize categories. First prize is $15,000 cash and there will be four runners-up prizes of $5000 – the Science and Engineering Prize, the Curtin Business School Prize, the Health Sciences Prize, and the Innovation in Education Prize.

Entrants will also be provided with a mentor, who will help assess the technology and give commercial advice and presentation coaching.

I strongly encourage staff and students to submit an application, before entries close on 16 May.

The Commercial Innovation Awards directly link with Curtin’s vision to conduct research with real world impact and I look forward to seeing the top ideas on display at the awards event later this year.

To apply or see past examples of award winners, click here.

Black hole research gets the front cover of Science

A team of US and Australian scientists, headed by Dr Roberto Soria from the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy, recently had its work examining the nearby galaxy M83 featured on the front cover of the prestigious journal Science.

The researchers found a pair of very energetic jets, powered by a small black hole, named MQ1, which became the first object of its kind to be studied in such detail.

Using multiple telescopes, the team observed MQ1 in X-rays, optical, infrared and radio, and discovered it was a small black hole, rather than an expected bigger version, to account for all its power.

This important research will lead to a better understanding on how stars are formed, evolve and die, and how black holes heat the gas inside a galaxy. To read more about it, click here.

This is a tremendous achievement for Curtin research and I congratulate all researchers involved in the project.

Easter break

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all staff and their families a very safe and happy Easter break.

Easter can be an extremely busy time on our roads so I urge you all to take every care with your driving, particularly if you are using the opportunity to get away.

As I indicated last week, I hope the two extra days holiday granted this year by the University (Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 April) provide the opportunity for staff to relax, refresh and recharge.

At a time of significant change for Curtin, your efforts this year have been greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing you again after the Easter break.



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