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Curtin University
Note to staff

October 23, 2008


AUQA 2008

As you all know we have just completed the AUQA Audit for the whole of Curtin. The Bentley Audit was conducted on October 12th -16th and this was preceded by audits of partners in Mauritius, KL (2), Singapore (2), Hong Kong (2), Miri (2 full days), Sydney plus our Kalgoorlie campus. In all, over 650 staff, students, alumni, Board members and employers were interviewed by AUQA about Curtin.

The short verbal briefing at the conclusion of the audit indicates that the Auditors identified many strengths at Curtin and we can look forward to a good range of Commendations. As always with the AUQA audits there will be Affirmations around the need to continue to develop our approach in a number of areas and no doubt we will attract some Recommendations where we will be required to address a number of items. However the overall sentiment from the Panel was that Curtin could look forward to a very good report.

While AUQA has a four month time line in which to produce its report we have been assured that they will endeavour to have a draft to us before the Christmas break.

I would like to thank every staff member who has been involved in this process not only for helping prepare for AUQA, but for putting us in a stronger position as we continue to build our quality management approaches across all areas at Curtin and with our partners. We look forward to a great future as a consequence of the focus we continue to put on enshrining quality management into everything we do.