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Curtin University
Note to staff

12 June, 2008


Reducing energy use to minimise strain on Western Australia’s supply

You will be aware of the current gas crisis in Western Australia following an explosion at the Varanus Island gas facility in the State’s north. It is anticipated that it will take several months before supplies can be restored. This has affected the operations of many businesses across the State.

As a result of the reduced supply of gas, the Hon Mark McGowan, Minister for Education and Training has urged all major agencies and institutions, including universities, to reduce energy consumption where possible.

This serves as a timely reminder for all of us to ensure that all non-essential lighting and equipment such as computers, printers and faxes are switched off when you leave work. Properties is also investigating ways of reducing University-wide energy consumption on an ongoing basis but in particular during this present shortage.

Thank you to all staff for supporting this initiative.

Voice Project – Curtin Staff Satisfaction Survey

As you are aware, the University recently completed a survey of staff satisfaction at Curtin which closed on 23rd May. Thank you for taking the time to fill in this staff survey which provided you with a chance to “voice” your opinions about working at Curtin, and which will help the University to identify the areas we need to improve on. I am pleased to report that we attained an overall response rate of 66% – this is a tremendous achievement. Congratulations to some of the higher achieving areas – CBS for an overall response rate of 77% and to Faculty of Humanities with an overall response rate of 69%. Congratulations also must go to all staff involved with bringing this project to fruition.

The independent consultants are now undertaking the substantial task of analysing the data and we anticipate them reporting back to the University in July. All staff will be able to view the results of the survey through the staff portal, Oasis Staff, and we will advise when the area reports from the consultants are available.