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Curtin Converged: a new model of teaching and learning

By Lyn Marks 24 January 2013 Teaching & Learning 1 Comment »

Curtin Converged

Curtin Converged is a new model of teaching and learning for Curtin.  It encompasses four key elements, of which one or more will be incorporated into all of Curtin’s courses. Transforming Learning @ Curtin includes combinations of synchronous and asynchronous, campus-based, online, distributed, simulation and massive open online course (MOOC).

Massive Open Online course (MOOC)
The diagram illustrates how, over time, new modes have emerged to replace or enhance traditional modes for teaching and learning. The traditional lecture format has been extended to embrace more learner-centred approaches, commonly known as the flipped classroom. Similarly, paper-based distance education has led to online learning. Combined with additions such as MOOCs, distributed education, simulation modes, and work-based learning, Curtin has a number of options available to facilitate learning experiences for students.

Curtin Converged seeks to dispense with the prevailing dichotomy of “online” or “on-campus” and to reimagine the approach to education by starting with learning outcomes and understanding what experiences and content need to be present to help students achieve. We can then match one or more of the four elements that best enables this. Regardless of a student’s geographic location they will enrol at Curtin and participate in converged learning.

The individual components of the Curtin Converged model are not wholly new or different in and of themselves, but the way in which they are combined and selected for the best learning outcome for the student will differentiate Curtin.

Whilst Curtin Converged is a long term view, a number of initiatives are already underway which will help us to achieve a new model:

  • A Curtin position on MOOCs is being developed
  • OB3 (a platform which bridges web learning and the Learning Management System) is being implemented to support the Flipped Classroom strategy in addition to a broad program of CATS space refurbishments
  • A $700,000 Royalties for Regions funded pilot distributed learning program is about commence which will see the BSc Nursing (Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse) program delivered to students located in Port Hedland in partnership with Pilbara Institute.

This names just a very few – Curtin Converged is here already!

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  1. Liz Conroy January 31, 2013 10:34am

    HI Jill, as my Ed Doctorate study is around use of etools, elearning and mobile devices for nurses in rural remote areas, I am interested to know more about this project and the types of devices that may be trialled.

    Kind regards, Liz Conroy NZRN, MA (Applied- Nsg)
    Lecturer, SONM

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