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Finding specific journals

By Curtin Library 12 August 2019 Library Services Comments off

Do you need a specific journal for your assignment topic?

Sometimes journal titles can be difficult to find amongst the millions of records on our catalogue, so we’ve put together a few tips on ways to find the best journals for your research!

  • Search for the journal name in the catalogue and select the “Find a journal” drop down option

find a journal - updated 1

  • In the advanced search box, select the “Find a journal” radio button

find a journal - updated 2

  • Use the “Journal search” link at the top of the Catalogue page to search or browse journals by title

find a journal - updated 3

Try it yourself here! If you have any queries about journals, or would like specific help with research or journal recommendations, please contact

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Suggestion: Mac Computers

By Curtin Library 8 August 2019 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Please re-add Macs to Level 2. Each semester they’re being taken. I thought they would return this semester but more have been taken again. There is high demand for them.

The Library responds…

Thanks for your feedback. We have redistributed some iMacs to level six, in the quiet computer room 6104, to give options to those that wish to use them in a quiet area.

Colin Sinclair
Curtin University Library

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Document delivery and interlibrary loans

By Curtin Library 7 August 2019 News & events Comments off

DocDel 2018 infographic

Did you know that Curtin staff and postgraduates are able to access resources beyond the Library’s own electronic and physical collections? You can request a loan or a copy of items from other libraries in Australia and around the world by using the Library’s document delivery and interlibrary loan service! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we may be able to source the item for you from elsewhere.

A look back to 2018 shows that of the 1668 requests we received, 95.5% were satisfied with the result. From this, 282 titles were already part of our collection or freely available online, 109 requests were complex to source, and 85 new items were purchased and added to our permanent collection. 76 requests were not filled because they could not be identified in other library collections or restrictions on the other libraries prevented them from being supplied.

If you’d like to find out more about this service or would like to place a request of your own, please visit the Library’s Document Delivery page.

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Four hour High Demand loans

By Curtin Library 29 July 2019 News & events Comments off

Loan periods for the High Demand collection at Robertson Library are increasing from two to four hours. The four hour loan period will operate whenever the library building is open.

This change aims to provide more flexibility and reduce complexity caused by outdated overnight loan periods.

Want to know more?

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Feedback: New Library Website

By Curtin Library 25 July 2019 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Not a suggestion, rather some feedback on the new look library homepage… I love it. Much easier to navigate with the Link icons and clear flow of webpages.

The Library responds…

Thanks for your feedback, that’s great to hear.

Colin Sinclair
Curtin University Library

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Improve your skills with our GRASP workshops!

By Curtin Library 19 July 2019 News & events Comments off

The Graduate Research Advanced Skills Program (GRASP) series of workshops is designed to enable Higher Degree by Research students of all faculties take control of their research project from the beginning. See our program of GRASP workshops below and register online.

The program also aims to promote awareness of the need for effective and ethical communication in terms of the documentation, presentation and publication of research results.

Our SuperSearcher workshops are the perfect way to meet your Faculty Librarian and discover how to best use library resources for effective research! Workshops for each faculty will help you discover the most relevant databases and tools to search, create a search strategy, and develop an effective information management plan.

SuperSearcher Workshops

Become a SuperSearcher in Business August 19 9.30am – 11am
Become a SuperSearcher in Business August 28 4pm – 5.30pm
Become a SuperSearcher in Health Sciences July 31 10am – 11.30am
Become a SuperSearcher in Health Sciences August 15 1.30pm – 3pm
Become a SuperSeacher in Humanities August 12 10am – 11.30am
Become a SuperSearcher in Humanities August 28 2pm – 3.30pm
Become a SuperSearcher in Science & Engineering August 2 10am – 11.30am
Become a SuperSearcher in Science & Engineering August 14 10am – 11.30am

Candidacy Proposal Series

Data Workshops

Data Management Plan Workshop Aug 2 3pm – 4pm
Research Data Management Plan Aug 7 2pm – 4pm
Metrics and Impact Aug 8 9am – 11am
Data Management Plan Workshop Aug 26 3pm – 4pm

Statistical Analytics Workshops

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O-Week sessions semester two

By Curtin Library 17 July 2019 News & events Comments off

oweek promo screenshot

We’ve got Library tours and information sessions running throughout O-Week next week!

Library tours

Your opportunity to get familiar with the resources and facilities available so that you can get the most out of the library from day one!

Orientation week 22-26 July 2019
Monday 22 July 12pm & 1pm
Tuesday 23 July 12pm & 1pm
Wednesday 24 July 2pm & 3pm
Thursday 25 July 1pm & 4pm
Friday 26 July 2pm

Tours are 30 minutes each. Meet on level 2 near Lounge @ Your Library, building 105. No need to book but places are limited!

Library: What’s on Offer

Learn how to navigate the Library’s online resources, borrow a laptop, book a study room, use e-books and access journal resources!

Orientation week 22-26 July 2019
Monday 22 July 2pm
Tuesday 23 July 2pm
Wednesday 24 July 3pm
Friday 26 July 2pm

Sessions are 30 minutes each. Meet in room 412, level 4, building 105. No need to book but places are limited!

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Suggestion: Coffee Machine

By Curtin Library 15 July 2019 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Free, self-serve espresso machine coffee.

The Library responds…

Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, the Library is unable to provide this service.
You may wish to forward your suggestion to the Student Guild via the Guild webpage.

James Robinson
Curtin University Library

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Developing digital dexterity

By Curtin Library 12 July 2019 News & events Comments off

As digital technology expands into all areas of our lives, the ability of graduates to learn, research, create and communicate digitally is highly valued by employers. Academic libraries, including Curtin Library, are playing a significant role in helping students attain these skills.

In 2018 the Council of Australian University Libraries (CAUL) embarked on a two year project to ensure Australian universities recognised the importance of digital dexterity to thriving in a global work context.  To date the project has had a number of positive outcomes including producing a Position Statement and a Digital Dexterity framework, as well as the establishment of a Community of Practice. This Community of Practice is focused on developing and sharing online resources, and facilitating engagement and activities to develop student, academic staff and library staff capabilities.


Using the CAUL framework, Curtin Library is developing a digital dexterity program focussed on experiential learning. Aimed primarily at undergraduate students, the program will provide an introduction to a range of diverse topics such as online identity, 3D modelling and printing, remix culture and copyright, basic coding, and understanding data. The resources and activities will be available online, with an additional face-to-face component hosted in the Makerspace. In semester two, we will be piloting some of the topics and seeking input and feedback from students, teaching staff and other stakeholders.

Digital Dexterity Makerspace_EDIT-2

Another significant contribution to the development of the digital skills of the library staff is Library Hacky Hour. Borrowed from the Software Carpentry Hacky Hour concept, Library Hacky Hour is a shared informal space where library staff gather every fortnight for an hour to learn digital skills and work on problems related to code, data, or digital tools. The aim is to foster a peer support network and encourage staff to try something new in a supportive and safe environment. Topics explored at Library Hacky Hour range from online collaboration tools, data visualisation tools and structured data to advanced Excel features and Wikipedia editing.

We are also initiating some experimental Library Hacky Hour sessions for the creation of digital dexterity program learning objects. The idea is for interested library staff to get together regularly and explore new ways to create, manage, and publish online learning objects that can be shared and reused. While creating these objects, library staff also improve their own digital skills, which in turn enable them to pass them on to students.

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Meet Barbara Parnaby

By Curtin Library 10 July 2019 News & events Comments off

Barbara photo1

Barbara Parnaby is the Manager, Client Engagement at Curtin University Library. We spoke to her to find out what her team has in store for the rest of 2019.

Describe your role in a few sentences.

I manage the Curtin University Library’s Client Engagement Team, who provide the Library’s frontline client services, answering and referring a full range of queries and ensuring quality library facilities are available in our Robertson, Kalgoorlie and CGSB Libraries. The team provides circulation services, manages the lending of our hard copy collections, and runs the Library Orientation Program at the beginning of each semester.

I take a lead role in engaging with Curtin Libraries and partners globally as the primary University Library contact, and manage the Library’s provision of services and quality assurance to our global partners’ Libraries in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

How does your team help the University function and achieve its goals?

Our services and spaces allow students to study, learn and complete their research in convenient and welcoming spaces, with a range of facilities and equipment for different needs. We manage around 40 Library Student Assistants, who assist us in maintaining the smooth-running of the services and supporting clients in the Robertson Library 24/7 during semester.

We work closely with all teams in the Library to ensure clients understand the library’s services and make the most out of what is available.

What has been a highlight for your team over the last six months?

A highlight for me has been working with the team to use all of our unique experiences to contribute to larger Library projects. These projects have included extending skills and building up experience in the tiered support model; adapting our service to be more flexible to clients; input into the design of the upcoming library refurbishment; and contribution to the IATUL conference in the form of volunteering and a written paper. Our team is made up an incredible group of people, each with their own distinct experiences and talents, and it has been great to watch them consolidate their experiences and skills to fit a broad range of projects.

What are your team’s goals for the year? What big projects are coming up?

We have a lot of goals and projects coming up, but one major goal is to review and plan for the future so that we can adapt to the changing library landscape. As the ways in which students use library spaces change, so does our work and the services we provide. Where we are and what we provide now might be different in 12 months and again in 5 years depending on the landscape, so it’s important to find ways to continually improve our services to provide better experiences for our clients.

This includes major changes to circulation and lending rules; streamlining workflows and extending support hours into the evening and overnight; supporting a wider range of students in regional areas through initiatives like the Kalgoorlie mini-Makerspace; and working to develop opportunities for students to work with us.

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