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Suggestion: Unattended Computers

By Curtin Library 16 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Could the libary please keep an eye on computer use? I often find myself unable to find a computer during busy times. Yet there are computers that have no one on them and a sign on the screen with something along the line of “brb” or ” gone to get coffee”. I think this is unfair.

The Library responds…

Thank you for the feedback on computer use in the Library. We do make sure that the computers have notices advising students not to leave them unattended for more than 10 minutes. If you notice this problem again can you please let a staff member know? They will be happy to assist in either locating a computer workstation for you or removing unattended items to free up a space for you.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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Catalogue tips – teaching practicum items

By Curtin Library 15 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

The Library holds a number of resources that can assist with teaching practicum placements. To search for these resources, filter your search results by selecting Teaching Resources from the Library or Collection drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen.

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Study Skills Bazaar

By Curtin Library 14 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

The Library is holding our first ever Study Skills Bazaar on Wednesday 23 August from 10am to 2pm in Robertson Library (building 105).


We are bringing together study support groups from around the University as a one-stop-shop for study skills advice:

  • Library – finding information, tools for referencing, Makerspace
  • The Learning Centre – writing, numeracy and time management skills
  • UniPASS – peer-led group study sessions
  • Student Wellbeing – holistic support for students
  • UniEnglish – English language support
  • CITS – wireless access, OASIS and other IT support

Featuring a guest appearance from George the Therapy Dog!

Come along and see the student support services you can access.

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Catalogue tips – finding and reading items

By Curtin Library 11 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

If an item is physically in the Library, click on the Available at link under the item’s record. This will indicate where it can be found on the shelf as well as if it is already on loan or available for borrowing.

If you only want to see items you can read online, enter your search terms and, under Filter my results on the right hand side of the results page, click on Books from the Resource dropdown menu. Now under Show only click on Available Online. You will now have a list of electronic books and book chapters that you can read online. You can read an eBook on your computer by clicking on the Available Online link in the book’s catalogue record.  If you wish to download an eBook to your mobile device you should visit the eBooks@Curtin LibGuide for instructions, as different collections require different eBook readers.

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Spotlight on Curtin Library Makerspace

By Curtin Library 10 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

Makerspace homepage image

Curtin Library Makerspace is an exciting space that brings together innovation, design and fabrication for all members of the Curtin community and beyond. It has recently grown in importance and is now part of the University Learning and Student Experience Enabling Plan.

Our goals are to:

  • evoke a sense of community among the makers within, or connected to Curtin;
  • foster creative thought, skill building & sharing;
  • encourage cross-disciplinary interaction, inquiry, learning, and collaboration;
  • make our specialised materials & equipment obtainable to users;
  • facilitate project work and research between students and staff; and
  • have the makerspace available for academics to be able to incorporate ‘making’ and/or use of our equipment into their curriculum.

To continue to achieve our aims, the Makerspace physical hub has been relocated to a much larger space on Robertson Library level 5. Drop in Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm during semester to check out the changes we’ve made.

You can also join us in celebrating National Science Week 2017 with ‘Future Earth Makers at the Library'; a week long Makerspace program. Hands-on activities and workshops will blend the boundaries of science and creativity, focusing on the themes of sustainability and the environment.

Day Time Event
Monday 14 August 10:00am – 11:00am, Curtin Library Makerspace Make old paper new – Explore paper recycling and make old paper new again.
1:00pm – 2:30pm, Curtin Library Makerspace DIY solar-powered car – Make a solar-powered car made with a simple circuit & other materials.
Tuesday 15 August 10:00am – 11:30am, Curtin Library Makerspace Build your own Wind Turbine – Discover how a windmill works and make your own mini version.
12:00pm – 2:00pm, Lower Henderson Decorate your own solar light  Use different methods to embellish your own garden solar lightbulb.
Wednesday 16 August 10:00am – 11:00am, Curtin Library Makerspace Plastic bag crafts – Repurpose everyday plastic shopping bags into something crafty.
12:00pm – 1.30pm, Curtin Library Makerspace Energy Awareness Design Challenge – Team up with others to make something that conserves something.
Thursday 17 August 11:00am – 2:00pm, Lower Henderson Insect Hotel – Create a habitat for the insects in your garden.
2:30pm – 4:30pm, John Curtin Gallery Coffee Pod Creations – Produce a work of art with recycled coffee pods.
Friday 18 August 10:00am – 11:30am, Curtin Library Makerspace Visit the new Makerspace – Celebrate the end of National Science Week and drop in for morning tea.
5:00pm – 8:30pm, Curtin Library Makerspace SCINEMA – Come to our screening of the SCINEMA International Film Festival.
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Catalogue tips – exam papers

By Curtin Library 9 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

The Library holds a number of past exam papers to help with your studies.

To search our exam papers enter keywords, unit name or unit number in the catalogue search box and select Exam Papers from the drop-down menu. Please be aware that not all past exam papers are made available to the Library.

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Feedback: New Library Catalogue

By Curtin Library 7 August 2017 News & events 3 Comments »

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Hi Library staff,

Thanks for all your help and hard work. However, I must say that the new online search catalogue is truly terrible. It is visually confusing and difficult to navigate. I do not care for this change, I feel like I only just mastered the use of the previous system and now I’m back to square one. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Was there something wrong with the last one?

The Library responds…

Thanks for your feedback.  The new user interface allows the catalogue to be responsive and usable on smaller devices and ideally a simpler experience.  There are some training sessions that the Library offers that you may want to look at.  Go to the “Library workshops” link on our home page to see the upcoming sessions.

Colin Sinclair
Curtin University Library

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Catalogue tip – databases

By Curtin Library 7 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

A database is an electronic catalogue of published items such as journal articles, theses, reports, conference proceedings and more.

Curtin Library has approximately 500 databases and you can find a listing of these on the Databases page. You can also use the Find a Database option that appears in the drop down menu in the catalogue search box. Enter broad keywords for example, management. Select Find a Database from the drop down menu. You can also limit the results to your Research Area by using this option under Filter my results on the right hand side of the results screen.

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Donating Books to the Library

By Curtin Library 4 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Dear library,

Do you accept book donations of relevant textbooks to the curtin library if they are no longer being used? It seems a shame to donate them elsewhere when other students could benefit by having them accessible in the library.

The Library responds…

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for your query. Donations of textbooks can be accepted for inclusion in the Library’s collections if they are relevant to the University’s teaching and research programs (as per our Collection Principles), though the Library reserves the right to decline or dispose of donations.  If you are interested in donating items, please contact Library staff for more advice. Visit the ‘Library Help‘ page for ways to contact the Library.

Kind regards,

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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Catalogue tips – searching the catalogue

By Curtin Library 3 August 2017 News & events No Comments »

Here’s a few techniques to help you get the most out of searching the catalogue:

Finding recent publications

The catalogue automatically sorts your search results by Relevance, but you can choose to Sort by publication date. Just click on the drop-down arrow and select Date-newest.

Focusing on your topic

Under Filter my results on the right hand side of the results page, click on Topic. Tick the topic you want included. This will narrow your search to the categories you choose. Each additional topic selected will narrow your results even further.

If you don’t get the results you want:

  • make sure all words are spelled correctly – incorrect spelling is the most common reason for not getting any results,
  • use different keywords,
  • try more general keywords – your terms might be too specific,
  • use fewer keywords,
  • don’t use “inverted commas” with “Starts with” from the drop down menu in Advanced Search, or
  • just use the main words or the most uncommon words in the title.

Borrowing from other libraries

If the library doesn’t hold the item you’re looking for, undergraduate students can search and borrow from selected libraries in Western Australia. Staff and postgraduate students can also request items not held by the Library via Document Delivery.

Getting help

If you need help using the catalogue, the Using the Library Catalogue LibGuide demonstrates how to:

  • search the catalogue,
  • locate items,
  • request items, and
  • provides other useful information about using the catalogue.
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