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Get more out of the Catalogue

By Curtin Library 28 July 2011 Highlights Comments off

If you want more than a simple search, here are a few hints on some of the other things the Library Catalogue can do for you.

First, remember to log in using your Curtin ID and password to access the catalogue’s full functionality. To log in, simply click on the ‘log in’ in the top right hand corner of the catalogue screen to connect to the full range of electronic resources, save records and queries, place requests and access your borrower information.

Reviews and Tags
Add tags and reviews for any retrieved item by using the ‘Reviews & Tags’ tab. Click on ‘Add New Tag’ to attach text and retrieve it later by choosing ‘In User Tags’ from the drop down menu in the search box or by clicking on ‘Tags’ on the menu at the top of the screen. This may be useful if you want to tag records to use later for an assignment or to share them with others. The ‘Post Your Review’ link can be used to share your thoughts and rate items on a 1-10 scale.

If you click on the ‘Full Record’ tab for any retrieved item you will see on the right hand side a list of Links pointing to further information or services associated with the item, including links to:

  • summaries
  • author information
  • Google books
  • National Library of Australia’s Trove service

For items held in the library’s collection there is a ‘Permanent Link’ option. You can right click on this and select ‘Copy Shortcut’ to include a link to this record in another web page or document.

Some records have a ‘Recommendations’ tab which will give you suggestions for further reading on the same topic. These suggestions are based on user logs indicating what other people who found the same item as you also found interesting or useful.

You can easily learn how to search the catalogue more effectively, place requests for items, use the features of Borrower Information and e-shelf, by selecting the Using the Library CatalogueLibGuide under Study and research tools on the library homepage.

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Library open longer

By Chloe Lyons 18 July 2011 Highlights Comments off

From the beginning of semester 2 on 18 July Robertson Library will be open:

Monday to Thursday 7am to 10pm (limited service 7 – 8am)
Friday 7am to 10pm (limited service 7 – 8am and then 6 – 10pm)
Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm (limited service 4.50pm – 6pm)

Between 7 and 8am Monday to Friday clients can use library computers, print, copy, collect books on hold, borrow material and use study spaces on all levels. Rovers will be on hand to assist clients with wireless connection, printing, etc.

Between 6 and 10pm on Fridays we will offer the same service limited to levels 2 and 3. The other floors will be closed from 6pm.

Between 4.50 and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday we will offer the same service limited to levels 2 and 3. The other floors will be closed from 4.50pm.

Enquiry desk services will be available from 8am to 10pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 6pm Friday and 9am to 4.50pm weekends.

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Requesting the pickup location of an item

By Chloe Lyons 15 July 2011 News & events Comments off

Just a reminder, if an item is on the shelf at Robertson Library and you want to collect it at Robertson Library, then you must get it from the shelves yourself.

By selecting any other pickup location the item will be transferred to that location and you will be expected to pick it up from there.This is particularly important for pickups at the Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB, also known as MSL), which is located in Murray Street in the city. Items sent in error to CGSB will take several days to be returned to the Bentley campus and requests will be cancelled.

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Library to install additional booth seating

By Curtin Library 12 July 2011 News & events Comments off

New booth seating with tables and additional power points are being installed on level 3 of the library on 18 July. The new furniture is being fitted near the entry to level 3, replacing the new books and journals display. The new booths will provide power points for laptops and other devices and seating for approximately 24 clients. Some of the current seating will remain in place and displaced items will be relocated in the library. These changes follow strong demand for more seating similar to that on level 2, and we believe that the new arrangement will make better use of the space available.

From 15 July, new books and journals will be shelved directly onto their relevant floors and the shelves on level 3 will be dismantled.

As the library’s collection has become increasingly electronic, the number of physical new books and journals has declined. The display has also become less representative of the new materials acquired by the library with electronic material not displayed and many new items going directly to the recommended client and never reaching the display shelves.

Recognising the importance of promoting new materials, the library has been working to improve the way information about fresh arrivals is displayed. This includes the new Virtual Bookshelf, which is available to anyone who has access to the library website. The Virtual Bookshelf displays eBooks alongside print items, thereby promoting a much larger section of the library’s acquisitions. The Virtual Bookshelf also offers additional functionality. Clients are able to click on a book they are interested in and a catalogue entry will pop up advising them of the item’s bibliographic details. From there the client can find the book’s location and its current availability, as well as having the option to add reviews and tags.

Shelving new print items directly onto the relevant floors, while including them on the Virtual Bookshelf so that clients are aware of the items, means that items will be more accessible.

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Curtin Library supports your teaching

By Curtin Library 6 July 2011 News & events Comments off

The library’s comprehensive online information skills program library guides (LibGuides) help students find, evaluate and use information. LibGuides:

  • contains 7 short interactive tutorials which cover core information skills for students
  • connects students to resources relevant to their subject areas through customised LibGuides
  • allows all Curtin students to develop the same information skills offered in our library classes
  • enables students to develop the Curtin Graduate Attributes.

The interactive tutorials can be used as a complete package or individually and can be accessed online anywhere, at any time. Instructions on how to embed LibGuides and tutorials in Blackboard are available in our Supporting your Teaching Guide.

Find out more about the LibGuides or how to request one for your unit from your Faculty librarian.

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Get a head start @ your Library

By Chloe Lyons 4 July 2011 Highlights Comments off

Invest 40 minutes in a library tour and save yourself hours of frustration!

Find your way around the Robertson Library, meet your friendly library staff and discover how to access online and library resources through LibGuides.

The tours will take place during International Enrolment and Info Week, StartUp Week and the first week of semester.

Tours are available at the following times:

International Enrolment and Info Week

Tuesday 4 July – 10am and 2.30pm
Thursday 7 July – 2.30pm and 3.30pm

StartUp Week

Monday 11 July – 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm and 4.30pm
Tuesday 12 July – 11am, 12 noon and 4pm
Wednesday 13 July – 11.30am and 2.30pm
Thursday 14 July – 12 noon and 2pm
Friday 15 July – 10am and 2.30pm

Week 1

Saturday 23 July – 11am

Please meet five minutes before the tours are due to start in the Lounge@your Library on level 2 of Robertson Library (Building 105).

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Semester break opening hours

By Curtin Library 14 June 2011 Highlights Comments off

Robertson Library will be open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm, during semester break, 20 June to 17 July. Please note that we will be closed on the weekends.

For information about other Curtin Libraries please refer to
Normal opening hours will resume from Monday 18 July.

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Air-conditioning and silent areas in the library

By Chloe Lyons 9 June 2011 News & events Comments off

The air-conditioning problems in the Robertson Library are continuing, particularly affecting the silent areas on levels 4 and 5.

To improve ventilation we have opened the doors to those silent areas and increased the silent zone surrounding them to minimise the intrusion of noise.

To create additional silent computer facilities we have designated some areas of the Blue Zone on level 6 as silent computer rooms for the exam period.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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espace maps reveal global reach of Curtin research

By Curtin Library 2 June 2011 News & events Comments off

New Activity Maps for author and paper statistics pages allow you to display a world map showing full text downloads by geographical region, while a line graph clearly displays downloads and abstract views.

There is now a Most Popular tab which displays the 10 most popular authors and papers for the last 6 months of activity, with options to view lists of the 50 most popular authors and papers and change the time period to see statistics from the last year, last 5 years or for all time.

Further improvements have been made to author statistics and new items pages making the screens more user-friendly.

Every researcher contributing to espace@Curtin has their own usage statistics page and this page can be included as a link in your email signature.

Find out more about the changes to espace statistics or visit our espace statistics page to see what the maps and other figures reveal about interest around the world in Curtin research.

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New technology in the library

By Curtin Library 26 May 2011 Highlights Comments off

Have you seen one of these while wandering through the library and wondered what it is?

QR code

It is a special type of barcode called a QR (Quick Response) code and it can hold within it a wealth of information.

To see how it works grab your phone and follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Open the barcode reader software (if you have a smartphone you may need to download an application manually. See your relevant app store and search for a “barcode reader”)
  2. Once the software is open, scan the above code and wait to see what happens

Keep an eye out for more QR codes around the library, especially on levels 4, 5 and 6.

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