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Lifts and lockers.

By Stuart McDonald 14 April 2011 News & events Comments off

From the Suggestion Box @ your library

Priority lifts definitely need some extra work. The doors did not wait for 18 seconds.

The library response

Thank you for alerting us to this. I will ask the lift contractors to check the door closing times.

From the Suggestion Box @ your library

Get laptop lockers and general lockers to rent like UWA. We are breaking our backs carrying so much.

The library response

Have you investigated the laptop lockers provided in the Abacus labs?

The Library is aware of the desire for general lockers for student use. However, the Library has limited space and resources and we feel that provision of lockers for the large number of students on campus at Bentley would not be the best use of those resources. Have you raised this with the Guild?

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Flexible Delivery and Lending Services

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Need to chat to a librarian?

By Curtin Library 13 April 2011 News & events Comments off

We know there are plenty of times when you have questions such as when you can’t find a particular journal article or you need help locating resources to complete an assignment. Library staff are happy to answer your questions, whether you are on or off campus. Our Contact Us link (see Top Links on the library homepage) lists a number of options. Here are some:

  • AskOnline: Chat online in real time with library staff. This service is available 9am to 5pm weekdays, exclusively for Curtin students and staff.
  • Email: we welcome your queries, comments and suggestions. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours in most cases.
  • Phone: +61 8 9266 2145 for help to find journals, books, etc.
  • SMS: you are welcome to contact the library on 0421 261 139. This service is available from 9am to 5pm weekdays.
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Books, books, books and books.

By Stuart McDonald 7 April 2011 News & events Comments off

From the Suggestion Box @ your library

Can we please have more copies of books.  There are a million students but less than five copies for some text books.  We pay so much in fees and can’t buy books

The library response

Thank you for the suggestion. 

The assumption is that students will in the first instance, consider purchasing the text book.  A copy of the  textbook should be on Reserve and if it isn’t, you could ask the lecturer to place it on Reserve for your unit.

The Library tries, wherever possible, to provide electronic access to items in high demand such as textbooks and a link to the text will be included in Reserve.

In addition the Library uses a formula when purchasing print textbooks which is :
•  one copy of a textbook for every thirty students, to a maximum of seven copies.
•  one copy of each book on the recommended reading list for every thirty students to a maximum of five copies.

In addition, the Library monitors usage, recalls and requests and if required, does provide additional copies of high demand items.  The Library will also purchase equivalent numbers of newly-recommended editions where we hold multi copies of the previous editions of a title.

If you have concerns about a particular title please let us know the details and the unit and we will check to make sure  it is in Reserve and the appropriate number of copies have been added to the collection.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Flexible Delivery and Lending Services

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Please be considerate

By Curtin Library 14 March 2011 News & events Comments off

The start of semester is a particularly busy time of year so we ask you to be considerate of your fellow library users.

Please avoid consuming food and drink which may disturb other library users. Drink spills can damage library equipment and materials and have the potential to cause dangerous accidents such as slipping on stairs.

You can take uncovered drinks and hot, messy, smelly food to the lounge on level 2.

Please report any drink spills in the library to library staff.

Library users who do not comply with staff instructions may be removed from the building and may face fines.

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Help for students

By Curtin Library 7 March 2011 Highlights Comments off

What are the most relevant resources to help me find information for my assignments? What is a journal article? How do I find items on my reading list?

For answers to these questions and more, check out our online LibGuides:

  • LibGuides conveniently connect you to library resources relevant to your subject area.
  • Each LibGuide has been carefully customised to your subject area or unit and includes relevant databases, e-books, journals, and much more to help you find information for your assignments.
  • Our generic LibGuides provide you with additional skills in using EndNote, referencing and finding statistics.

LibGuides also hosts our short interactive tutorials covering 7 core information skills for students. Learn through step-by-step instructions and quiz questions about:

• Understanding a reading list
• Finding items on a reading list
• Analysing your assignment topic
• Finding items on your assignment topic
• Searching databases on your assignment topic
• Evaluating resources and
• Understanding referencing.

New students, please visit our Starting Library Research LibGuide to find out all you need to know about using the library.

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Find what you need in the Library Catalogue

By Curtin Library 2 March 2011 News & events Comments off

From the Library Catalogue’s single search box you can discover ALL of the library’s resources including:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • DVDs
  • Reserve and e-Reserve collections
  • Curtin research papers
  • Archive collections
  • PLUS hundreds of millions of online journal articles and e-books.

The library catalogue is simple to use.

  • Easily find what you need
    The items that best match your search terms will be at the top of your search results list.
  • Easily refine your search
    You can refine your search results by topic, collection, resource type, etc. to focus on the most relevant results using the “facets” feature on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Access full text articles
    You can access online resources and available full text articles by clicking the “online resource” links in the search results.

Other things you can do with the catalogue:

  • Personalise the catalogue
    After logging in, you can save your searches or store saved articles in your e-shelf, run saved searches again, and even request notifications via email or RSS of new results for your saved searches. Within e-shelf you can also view your borrower information.
  • Use social networking features
    In the upgraded catalogue you can tag, rate and review library items and share these with others.

The library catalogue search box is available from the library’s homepage. There is an online library guide which explains more fully all the features of the catalogue.

As always we are interested in your feedback so please feel free to leave a comment.

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Opening hours for first semester

By Curtin Library 24 February 2011 Highlights Comments off

From 28 February Robertson Library will be open:

Monday to Thursday 7am to 9.30pm (limited service 7-8am)
Friday 7am to 8pm (limited service 7-8am and 6-8pm)
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5.45pm

Between 7-8am Monday to Friday mornings clients can use library computers, print, copy, collect books on hold, borrow material and use study spaces on all levels. Rovers will be on hand to assist clients with wireless connection, printing, etc.

Between 6-8pm on Fridays we will offer the same service limited to levels 2 and 3. The other floors will be closed from 6pm.

Enquiry desk services will be available from 8am to 9.30pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5.45pm Friday and 10am to 5.45pm weekends.

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Muresk Library reopened

By Curtin Library 2 February 2011 News & events Comments off

Power has been restored to Muresk Library and it is open again after the storm. Check the website for opening hours.

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Muresk Library closed due to storm

By Curtin Library 31 January 2011 News & events Comments off

Muresk Library is closed due to recent storm damage. We aim to reopen the library on Wednesday 2 February and apologize for any inconvenience.

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WA Folklore Archive website available

By Pauline Lloyd 1 December 2010 News & events Comments off

The WA Folklore Archive was launched at Curtin on Wednesday 1 December. The Archive records, preserves and gives the public access to the rich folk traditions, past and present, of Western Australia. It is the only state folklore archive in Australia and provides a unique and valuable resource for research, education and tourism. Professor Graham Seal from the Australian Folklore Research Unit at Curtin donated the Archive to Curtin University Library in 2008.
The website provides an engaging introduction to the Archive, its history, and the material it holds, as well as access to the searchable online archive which includes full text content. Library staff will be progressively adding more digitised material over the coming year.
The website is accessible via

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