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Semester break opening hours

By Curtin Library 14 June 2011 Highlights Comments off

Robertson Library will be open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm, during semester break, 20 June to 17 July. Please note that we will be closed on the weekends.

For information about other Curtin Libraries please refer to
Normal opening hours will resume from Monday 18 July.

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Air-conditioning and silent areas in the library

By Chloe Lyons 9 June 2011 News & events Comments off

The air-conditioning problems in the Robertson Library are continuing, particularly affecting the silent areas on levels 4 and 5.

To improve ventilation we have opened the doors to those silent areas and increased the silent zone surrounding them to minimise the intrusion of noise.

To create additional silent computer facilities we have designated some areas of the Blue Zone on level 6 as silent computer rooms for the exam period.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

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espace maps reveal global reach of Curtin research

By Curtin Library 2 June 2011 News & events Comments off

New Activity Maps for author and paper statistics pages allow you to display a world map showing full text downloads by geographical region, while a line graph clearly displays downloads and abstract views.

There is now a Most Popular tab which displays the 10 most popular authors and papers for the last 6 months of activity, with options to view lists of the 50 most popular authors and papers and change the time period to see statistics from the last year, last 5 years or for all time.

Further improvements have been made to author statistics and new items pages making the screens more user-friendly.

Every researcher contributing to espace@Curtin has their own usage statistics page and this page can be included as a link in your email signature.

Find out more about the changes to espace statistics or visit our espace statistics page to see what the maps and other figures reveal about interest around the world in Curtin research.

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New technology in the library

By Curtin Library 26 May 2011 Highlights Comments off

Have you seen one of these while wandering through the library and wondered what it is?

QR code

It is a special type of barcode called a QR (Quick Response) code and it can hold within it a wealth of information.

To see how it works grab your phone and follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Open the barcode reader software (if you have a smartphone you may need to download an application manually. See your relevant app store and search for a “barcode reader”)
  2. Once the software is open, scan the above code and wait to see what happens

Keep an eye out for more QR codes around the library, especially on levels 4, 5 and 6.

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Extended opening hours for exams

By Curtin Library 19 May 2011 Highlights Comments off

The library will extend its opening hours between 27 May to 9 June to help you study for exams. The opening hours will be:

Monday to Friday: 7am to 11pm
Weekends: 10am to 11pm

And if you need a silent area for study remember to check out floors 4, 5 and 6 for designated silent areas, including a silent computer area on level 5. These areas are monitored to help ensure that silence is observed. It is your right to study in peace so don’t be afraid to approach a staff member or use the help phone to call for assistance if noise levels become distracting.

Good luck with your exams!

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The library at your fingertips

By Chloe Lyons 9 May 2011 News & events Comments off

The Curtin University Library app has arrived, providing you with quick and easy access to library resources directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can:

  • Search the library catalogue. Check for items and discover where they are located
  • Find out when items are due back
  • View maps of the various Curtin library branches
  • Find out how many computers are available at the Robertson Library before you get there
  • Check out library news to keep up to date with everything happening in the library
  • Get in touch with the library via email or phone

All you need is an OASIS login and an Internet connection.

Visit the App Store and search “Curtin University Library” to download the app.

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Print from your laptop with ease

By Chloe Lyons 9 May 2011 News & events Comments off

The new printer packages for laptops are available for download from the library website. 

Click here and follow the instructions provided to install.

Please note that while the printer packages should work on Windows Vista and Windows XP these operating systems are no longer supported by the library.

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Study anytime with 24/7 access to e-books

By Curtin Library 3 May 2011 News & events Comments off

With over 30,000 different titles available, why not try an e-book next time you need information? Search the library catalogue by title or subject, then limit your results to Books, Full Text Online and read directly from your mobile device or computer.

Other ways to find e-books for your particular subject:

  • To browse e-book packages in your subject area, from the library website click on Find books and resources, then click Databases and select Databases A-Z list. You will have access to CRCnetBase, Ebook Library (EBL), Knovel, NetLibrary, Wiley Online Library and more, or
  • Check your subject area LibGuide, located under Study and research tools on the library’s website, for links to some of the latest titles.

And remember you can also access e-Reserve from the library catalogue for readings in your particular unit.

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POLAR update

By Chloe Lyons 2 May 2011 News & events Comments off

Curtin students and staff can now change their POLAR pins and view transactions. To find out how click here.

If you are a non-Curtin user please see the Enquiries Desk on level 2 for assistance.

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Facebook in the library

By Michelle Taylor 14 April 2011 News & events Comments off

From the Suggestion Box @ your library

Is it at all possible to block Facebook and social networking from Library computers?  It is quite frustrating as a number of times in recent weeks it has been impossible to find a spare computer to complete assignments and I notice that some users are on social networking sites

The library responds

What is allowed or banned on University computers, including those in the Library, is determined by the University ICT use policies. The University realises that social networking sites such as Facebook are tools used by students in everyday life.  Teaching areas at the University are increasingly using these tools in their units and courses to make use of the skills and experiences already held by students. Therefore it would also be extremely difficult to police any purely personal use of Facebook etc as opposed to academic use.  In addition, the University ITC policy does allow for a small amount of personal use on University computers.  What the University has done is ban Facebook gaming on University computers.  I think the broader problem for Library users is having immediate access to a computer at high demand times in the Library.  This is something we are aware of and the Library does look for opportunities to increase the number of computers we make available.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Flexible Delivery and Lending Services

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