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Suggestion: Study rooms for pairs

By Curtin Library 30 August 2018 News & events Comments Off on Suggestion: Study rooms for pairs

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Could rooms be made available for 2 people to study.
Currently the study rooms are for a minimum of three people, this doesn’t leave an alternative if one person cancels or if the study session is only for two students.
Thank you!

The Library responds…

Thank you for the feedback on allowing more flexibility with group study rooms. Depending on demand, it may be a good idea to allow more flexibility in access to the facilities you need. We will take this into account when reviewing all our feedback and looking at any changes going forward. We are certainly looking at ways to make more spaces for pairs available and this will be a consideration for any future refurbishment.

Just to let you know there are a number of three-sided open spaces on levels 2 and 4, which provide whiteboards without the requirement for at least three people to use the space. These may be suitable for you in the meantime, though I do understand that they are not always available.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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