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Suggestion: Low Noise Areas

By Curtin Library 14 June 2019 News & events Comments Off on Suggestion: Low Noise Areas

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

I would love to see an area that is meant for low noise. The silent areas are great, however, it would be great to have somewhere in between silence and every other area where people talk. It sounds bizarre, but decibel readers could help monitor this.

The Library responds…

Thank you for your comment.

We have designated zones throughout the library with no noise in silent areas, some quiet talking allowed in considerate areas and talking and discussion allowed in social areas.

Level 2 is designated as a social area due to facilities such as the café, lounge, large group study tables and casual seating areas such as Darley Street. There are seating areas designated as considerate on levels 3, 4 and 5 which may be better suited to your needs.

Let us know about excessive noise by emailing This email address is monitored all the time the Library is providing full service and issues will be attended to as soon as possible once they are drawn to our attention.

Adele MacDonald
Curtin University Library

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