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Curtin Library to adopt Creative Commons Licensing

By Curtin Library 10 May 2019 News & events Comments Off on Curtin Library to adopt Creative Commons Licensing

To demonstrate our commitment to open scholarship, Curtin Library has decided to adopt the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence (CC BY-SA) to content created by Curtin Library staff that is made publicly available, and not subject to additional licensing restrictions.

The Library will adopt  Creative Commons licensing

The CC BY-SA licence will allow anyone to copy, re-use, share, and adapt Library-created content without requiring additional permissions. The only condition is that re-users who adapt our content attach a similar ShareAlike licence to the new work they create. This ensures works continue to be contributed to the Commons.

As part of the rollout, Library staff will attend a 90 minute training workshop which provides an overview of the Creative Commons licence tools and the opportunity to quickly create a learning object associated with a CC licence. The format and structure of the workshop has been inspired by the in-depth Creative Commons for Educators course.

There are a number of advantages to the approach:

  • Use of Creative Commons licensing will help Library staff understand the challenges of creating and sharing open educational resources (OERs).
  • Individuals and organisations do not need to contact us directly for permission to use library-created content (as long as they comply with the ShareAlike condition of the licence).
  • In advocating for open scholarship, we can use the Library as a case study for other professionals and academics.

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