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Add ‘My Grades’ Link to Course Menu

By Learning Technologies Support May 22nd, 2013 Blackboard FAQs

What is My Grades?

My Grades gives students access to view information (marks) on all assessment items in the Grade Centre. Generally these would be tests/quizzes and other assignments.

Instructions – “Add Test Student” Tool

By Learning Technologies Support February 8th, 2013 Blackboard News


This building block allows Lecturers  in a unit to add a test student account that can be enrolled in their unit(s). This gives the ability to the Lecturer to view the unit as a student.

The tool allows the Lecturer to do the following without involving LMS staff:

  • Create a single test student account.
  • Change/reset the password of the student test account
  • Enroll or unenroll this account as a student in any unit in which the user is enrolled.
  • Delete the test student account

Adding the Test Student Account

The tool is accessed as follows:

  1. Log into the unit
  2. Select the “Course Tools” link from the Control Panel menu on the left.
  3. Select “Add Test Student
  4. If the test account does not yet exist on the system you will be asked to create it. The userid is shown and you will be asked to enter the initial password.  There is also a checkbox to add this user to the unit as a student. Complete this, select the “Create Test Student” button, and the account will be created and the student added to the unit.
  5. If this test account already exists but the student is not enrolled in this course a button is shown to add that student account to the current unit.
  6. If the test account exists and is already enrolled in the unit, you are given the option to unenroll the test student from the unit. Warnings are displayed advising that this will delete all work done by that test student.
  7. Once the changes have been made select the “Home” icon to return to the unit home page.

Using the Test Student Account

Once the student is added to the unit, you can log in using that student account to access all units it was enrolled in.  The best way to do this is to use two different web browsers (for example Firefox and Chrome). Log into the unit in one, and a student in the other.

In the new browser window:

  1. Access Blackboard directly via
  2. Enter the test student user name  – E.G. staffID_s  – and password created for the account (If your staff ID is 222240H your test student login would be 222240H_s)
  3. Click the Login button

Note: The test student account is tied to an individual and can be added to any unit where that user has access. The password should not be shared with others because they will gain access to ALL the test units associated with this test student.  If more than one Lecturer wants to have a test student in a unit, then each Lecturer should use this tool to create his or her own personal test student to the unit. Multiple test student accounts cannot be created.

Changing the Test Student Account Password

Staff who use this tool infrequently may forget the password to their test student account. They can reset this password as follows:

  1. Log into Blackboard and select a unit.
  2. Select “Course Tools” from the Control Panel menu.
  3. Select the “Add Test Student” tool.
  4. Select the “Reset Test Student Password” button.
  5. Enter the password that should be used for the test student account. You will have to enter this twice.
  6. Select “Submit” to make the changes.

Once this is done, you can log out then log into the test student account using the new password.