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Live Service Availability Summary

By Learning Technologies Support September 21st, 2015 Blackboard Collaborate Issues Blackboard Issues iLecture Issues

Check the current health status and view past incidents of our Learning Technology products and services. (more…)

Copying iLecture recordings within BB content

By Learning Technologies Support March 11th, 2014 iLecture FAQs

To set up links to individual iLecture recordings within your unit please follow these Quick Steps:

New Echo360 PCAP Windows beta

By Martin Hill March 4th, 2014 to delete

We now have access to a new version of the Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) software – version 5.4.  This version is a complete from the ground up re-write of the PCAP software for Windows and is designed to use modern Windows Media features and as a result is heralded to provide far better stability, compatibility and optimised performance than the old v5.3 and earlier versions.  It is for example compatible with a much wider range of webcams. (more…)

Mac Echo360 PCAP endless Transcoding Pending and possible data loss!

By Martin Hill March 3rd, 2014 iLecture Issues to delete

Version 5.3.36183 of the Mac version of the Echo360 Personal Capture software (PCAP) sometimes gets stuck in a loop endlessly transcoding and never actually publishing after pressing the Publish button.

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