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Live Service Availability Summary

By Learning Technologies Support September 21st, 2015 Blackboard Collaborate Issues Blackboard Issues iLecture Issues

Check the current health status and view past incidents of our Learning Technology products and services. (more…)

Install Collaborate Launcher

By Learning Technologies Support June 23rd, 2014 Blackboard Collaborate News

Blackboard Collaborate now have a windows launcher that does not require the use of Java.¬† To download and install the Collaborate ¬†launcher please follow these Quick Steps below.¬† Once the launcher has installed you can access the Collaborate session using the launcher or changing the download file to be readable by the launcher. (more…)

Blackboard Collaborate – Linking Java .jnlp files

By Learning Technologies Support August 23rd, 2013 Blackboard Collaborate Issues

PROBLEM: Blackboard Collaborate fails to load in Windows 7.

SYMPTOMS: When a Blackboard Collaborate session fails to load the cause may be that the Java .jnlp files have not been associated with the Java Web Start Launcher.