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Getting ready for the new iLecture system

By Learning Technologies Support July 5th, 2012 iLecture News Comments Off on Getting ready for the new iLecture system


Echo360The new iLecture system is now ready for your use, with full operation beginning on July 16. This post has been prepared to provide you with important information you may need to know about the new system.

1. Automatic scheduling will occur on July 9

All lectures booked into the 40 or so major teaching spaces on Bentley campus in semester 2 will be automatically scheduled on July 9. Staff identified against the bookings will receive notification emails accordingly. Staff wishing to “opt-out” from being recorded should advise iLecture support via the support form.

2. Create new iLecture bookings

All iLecture bookings not scheduled in the major teaching spaces can be made using the new iLecture Management Tool (which replaces the iLecture booking form). The iLecture Management Tool is used for:

  • Applying for access to iLecture units;
  • Giving someone else access to an iLecture unit;
  • Creating new iLecture units;
  • Modifying iLecture units; and
  • Booking iLecture recordings.

3. Getting your iLectures into Blackboard

All iLecture recordings will be automatically published into the corresponding units in Blackboard. The Blackboard publishing options can be fine-tuned using the iLecture Management Tool.

There are two ways in which iLecture recordings are published into Blackboard.

  • EchoCenter Publishing adds a single EchoCenter link into the course menu of your Blackboard unit.
  • Individual Presentation Publishing puts individual iLecture recordings into a hidden “iLectures” folder located in the course menu of your Blackboard unit. These individual iLecture recordings can be moved to an appropriate location within the Blackboard unit structure.

Refer to the Getting iLectures into Blackboard guide in the iLecture section of the CTL website for further information.

4. Updating PCAP

The new iLecture system requires an updated version of the Echo360 Personal Capture software (PCAP).

For staff using Curtin managed computers, you can access the updated PCAP software from the Install Application shortcut on the Desktop (Windows) or the Self Service app in the Dock (Mac OS X). For staff seeking to upgrade PCAP on non-Curtin computers, you can download this from Downloads tab in the Echo360 Media Manager.

Refer to the Upgrading Personal Capture for EchoSystem guide in the iLecture section of the CTL website for more information.

5. View and edit iLecture recordings

The Echo360 Media Manager can be used for:

  • viewing your iLecture recordings;
  • editing meta data associated with individual recordings;
  • editing the recordings to remove unwanted segments; and
  • downloading EchoPlayer versions of your recordings for offline playback.

6. Remaining iLecture roadshow sessions

A series of Faculty-based staff roadshow sessions have been underway for the past month or so. Any staff member is welcome to register for the two remaining sessions being held in Health Sciences.

  • Tuesday, July 10, 14:00-15:30 in 108:118
  • Thursday, July 12, 10:30-12:00 in 102:102

7. Richer playback experience for students

The new iLecture system offers a far richer playback experience for students, with particular benefits for students with disabilities. The main benefits include:

  • Scene-based thumbnails for easy navigation to points within presentations
  • Resizable window to help students multi-task when viewing presentations
  • Ability for students to create a personal bookmark list facilitating direct access to points of interest within presentations
  • Screen-reader version suitable for students with vision impairment
  • Custom player suitable for iPads, iPhones, and iPods
  • Keyword search against text displayed on PowerPoint slides
  • Integrated closed captions for selected presentations (as required)
  • More advanced controls for navigating presentations

View sample presentation by Dr Tama Leaver from Curtin’s Department of Internet Studies.

Presentation by Dr Tama Leaver

Click to view presentation by Dr Tama Leaver

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