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Uploading Video Files to iLecture

By Learning Technologies Support September 28th, 2012 iLecture FAQs Comments Off on Uploading Video Files to iLecture

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How do I upload Video/Audio Files to iLecture?
It is not good practice to embed videos into Blackboard content. This is because whenever a user accesses the video link the ENTIRE file has to be downloaded to the users workstation before it will start playing. This is an issue if users have any bandwidth restrictions.

The preferred method is to upload your videos to the Echo360 server where they can be accessed and played as “streaming” files. This means that the videos start playing right away and if the user stops the video part way through all they will have downloaded is that part that they have watched.

It is a simple procedure to make your videos available. Access this PDF document with the steps and details needed to do this.


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