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iPhone and Android Echo360 Mobile Upload Apps Updated

By Martin Hill May 14th, 2015 iLecture Issues iLecture News
A new version of the iOS Echo360 Mobile Upload app has been released and it eliminates the 10 minute recording limit as well as boasting a number of bug fixes and new features.
Great for students uploading video assignments etc.

iLectures Unavailable: February 8-9

By Learning Technologies Support January 25th, 2013 iLecture News

The iLecture system will be unavailable for all Curtin users on Friday 8th February at 8pm to Saturday 9th February at 8am (12 hour outage). During this time the system will be undergoing maintenance, including the upgrade to the most recent version of the Echo360 software.

During this time you will still be able to access Blackboard and all your other learning resources, however links to all iLecture recordings will not work (including via the EchoCenter).

The upgrade offers a new look for the EchoCenter for staff and students, providing simpler access to recordings and related materials. Live webcasting is also available with this version. This will be piloted in 2013, along with other new learning technologies being introduced at Curtin. In addition to these features, there are a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes that mostly affect the system performance and experience for administrators. After the upgrade, all users of Echo360 Personal Capture will be offered an updated version of the software upon next launch.

EchoCentre view for Staff and Students

EchoCentre view for Staff and Students

Getting ready for the new iLecture system

By Learning Technologies Support July 5th, 2012 iLecture News

Echo360The new iLecture system is now ready for your use, with full operation beginning on July 16. This post has been prepared to provide you with important information you may need to know about the new system.