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Discussion Board replies are not visible

By Learning Technologies Support August 22nd, 2013 Blackboard Issues Comments Off on Discussion Board replies are not visible

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Status: Resolved

Issue: When a staff or student replies to a discussion post, the reply is not visible.

Cause: Prior to August 2nd, content that was pasted into a Discussion post added an additional line of HTML code. This line of HTML code causes subsequent replies to the post to be hidden.

Solution: A patch applied to Blackboard on August 2nd stopped the line of HTML code being added to posts. Therefore the problem will not reoccur.

Posts authored prior to that day will still be causing replies to be blank. If you encounter one of these issues, please follow the quick steps below to repair the original post and make replies visible.

  1. Click Edit on the post above the first reply that is missing content (only the post author or the Unit Coordinator can do this)
  2. Click Submit
  3. Refresh the page

Replies to the post will now be visible.

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