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Opinion Piece: What happens in Curtin, stays in Curtin

By Gaylene Galardi 18 November 2011 Publications Comments Off on Opinion Piece: What happens in Curtin, stays in Curtin

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The perimeter fence at the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. Photo from the ABC The Drum website

On the 17th of November 2011, ABC’s The Drum website published an article by Caroline Fleay titled What happens in Curtin, stays in Curtin. Caroline writes of her recent visit to the Curtin Detention Centre in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia saying, “I went to visit the many men I met on my previous visits to this detention centre. Too many have been in detention for over 18 months. Some will soon hit the two-year mark. It is not difficult to imagine the levels of despair that have set in as they continue to endure their indefinite detention, with no idea when it will end. Visits are always a welcome respite.

Imagining how they must be feeling is all I could do on this visit for most of the men at Curtin. Serco staff refused to allow my friends and I access to the main compound where we used to sit under the trees so that anyone could come and talk and share the food we had brought. This time, without explanation, we were escorted each day down a long road outside the perimeter of the detention centre to a room where we were allowed to see just six men.”

Caroline’s piece has stirred up a passionate debate by people on both sides of the argument, and continues to attract comments – it is definitely worth a read and can be found in full here.

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