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Gelatin labels to tell food expiry dates

By Alexandra McManus 29 September 2014 News No Comments »

Ever wondered why a used by date on one product is a couple of days longer than the one next to it yet they look the same? Is one day really important? The ‘Bump Mark’ could help. Read more…

CESSH wins innovation award

By Alexandra McManus 29 August 2014 News No Comments »

Yesterday, Dr Janet Howieson (Curtin) and Peter Jecks (Abacus Fisheries) won the Health Sciences Prize for Innovation in Education at the Curtin Innovation Awards held at Frasers Restaurant in West Perth.  Everyone at CESSH is thrilled to congratulate Janet, Peter and all the team who had input into this extremely successful venture. Read more…

Alert – calculate your Health Star Rating NOW

By Alexandra McManus 18 July 2014 News 7 Comments »

It is time for all primary industries, particularly those in fresh produce such as the seafood industry, to proactively calculate your Health Star Rating – you may be  surprised.

10 our of 20 fresh vegetables got less than  the maximum 5 star rating. How could fresh celery, pumpkin and lettuce receive less than 5 stars? This is madness!!

My advice to fresh food producers  – Calculate your HSR now. Read more…

Health Star Rating in and Daily Intake Guide to stay

By Alexandra McManus 7 July 2014 News No Comments »

The Fed govt committee on food regs (The Forum) has released key outcomes of a meeting held on 27 June 2014 that formally announces the voluntary introduction of the front-of-pack Health Star Rating system. Read more…

Health Star Rating system endorsed today

By Alexandra McManus 27 June 2014 News No Comments »

For the latest from the Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) on the changes supported by the State and Federal Ministers TODAY, check out the web address below.

Updates are provided on:

Health Star Rating System
Pregnancy warning on alcohol labels
Revised policy guidelines on the regulatory management of caffeine in the food supply
Policy guidelines on labelling of food produced using new technologies

Health Star Rating and Daily Intake Guide. Which one?

By Alexandra McManus 27 June 2014 News No Comments »

The Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC) have today issued a media release supporting the right of companies to choose between the existing Daily Intake Guide (DIG) currently on over 7000 products in Australia or the new and improved Health Star Rating (HSR) announced by the Federal Government today. Read more…

Food labelling – Sell by? Use by? Best before?

By Alexandra McManus 27 June 2014 News No Comments »

A new US study has found that people are wasting enormous amounts of food (estimated over US$1 billion annually) through confusing food labelling. The US includes ‘sell by’ and ‘best if used by’ on most food products. I am not surprised there is confusion. What does ‘sell by’ mean to a consumer? It tells you nothing about when foods should be consumed. Surely this message is for retailers. ‘Best if used by’ is much easier to understand by still has limitations. Read more…

Health Star Rating

By Alexandra McManus 27 June 2014 News No Comments »

The Health Star Rating is expected to approved today by the State and Federal Ministers. Keep an eye out for the revised guidelines to see what changes have been made to accommodate the issues raised by industry and public health advocates.

Front of pack labelling: Why industry should be actively engage in this debate

By Alexandra McManus 16 May 2014 News Comments off

The Australian Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation (the Forum) has endorsed the implementation of the new Health Star Rating (HSR) Front of Pack Labelling (FoPL) on all packaged, manufactured or processed foods for retail sales.

Coles, Woolworth and the AFGC agreed to the voluntary code of conduct associated with the HSR in November 2013. Although a voluntary code, it is to be tabled in parliament, and once signed, it will be binding and a breach of the code could be considered as a breach of the Act.


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