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Stricter food labelling laws to project boutique industries

By Alexandra McManus 18 May 2015 News No Comments »

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Some industries across the world are lobbying their governments to ensure there are laws and regulations surrounding the use of  ’boutique, farmhouse, artisan or local/seasonal’ on food labels. We need to ensure that the ‘buy local/ buy seasonal’  message and our unique boutique industries are protected.Salmon frutatta 3 These and other similar labels and descriptors are to differentiate these boutique products from mass/large factory produced goods. it is their market advantage and the reason consumers pay a premium for their products. Ireland’s Food Authority recently developed strict guidelines around the use of words such as ‘artisan’ and ‘farmhouse’ on food labels with the main caveats being the amount produced and the produces must be made by a ‘skilled craftsman’. I expect one of the most important roles of the newly created Industry Growth Centre in Food & Agribusiness in Australia will be to protect the diversity of our local primary producers and local food artisans.


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