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The country of origin name is no longer mandatory on food labels.

The federal Government has announced a new Country of Origin food labelling system. What a disappointment. We were all expecting the country of origin to be front and centre on food label for all to see. That is not what we got. In fact, manufacturers will not even have to declare the actual country where food or food ingredients […]

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‘Healthy stars’ – 4 for chips 1.5 for yoghurt?? What the….

Awarding 4 out of 5 ‘healthy stars’  to beer battered steakhouse chips and 1.5 stars to plain greek yoghurt  makes an absolute mockery of the front-of-pack Health Star Rating (HSR) system.

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Could ‘stars’ replace information on food labels?

FSANZ has proposed that the voluntary Health Star Rating (HSR) on the front of packaged goods could replace the Nutritional Information panel which is mandatory on all processed and packaged foods sold in Australia. NO WAY

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Check out the One Seafood CRC video – brilliant video

Check out this link. Amazing achievement of the Australian Seafood CRC led by Dr Len Stephens.

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Stricter food labelling laws to project boutique industries

Some industries across the world are lobbying their governments to ensure there are laws and regulations surrounding the use of  ’boutique, farmhouse, artisan or local/seasonal’ on food labels. We need to ensure that the ‘buy local/ buy seasonal’  message and our unique boutique industries are protected.

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New US food labelling proposed May 2015

The USA is updating its’ Dietary Guidelines and food labels updated accordingly. These images compare the current requirements for serving sizes with the proposed new formats. The emphasis is on helping the consumers to make informed choices.

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Industry challenging Vermont GM labelling laws

Vermont is the first state in the US to introduce genetically modified labelling laws.        

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Hidden sugar – simple graphic

We often talk about the hidden sugar, salt and fats in food but sometimes it takes a simple graphic to remind us. (Source unknown)

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GM labelling now law in – US (Vermont)

All foods produced by genetic engineering MUST state this on the food labelling in Vermont.

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Health Star Rating – ‘Star’ calculator updated

The calculator for the Health Star Rating (HSR) system for front-of-pack labelling has been updated. Check it out here. You simply slot in the nutritional info from your produce and it calculate the star rating. The guide has also been updated.  

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