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eScholar 2012 – Digitally enhanced activities: Debates and photo gallery

Lecturer: Jonathan Hallett
School: Health Promotion and Sexology
Category: Collaboration and communication, eAssessment, eScholar

Jonathan Hallett implements digital technologies to increase student interaction across cohorts and increase technological literacy. Digital debates using blogs and an online photo gallery are two strategies employed. Jonathan discusses how these strategies were carried out and how they enhanced the student learning experience.

eScholar 2012 – Student created case studies and video blog reflections

Lecturer: Katharina Wolf
School: Marketing
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Collaboration and communication, eAssessment, eScholar

Katharina Wolf implemented a student centred, blended learning approach to increase student engagement across campuses. By having students generate their own case studies and use video blogging for reflection students gained a deeper and richer learning experience.

ECE Strategic Project – Sumedha Rajakaruna

Lecturer: Sumedha Rajakaruna
School: Electrical Engineering and Computing
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eAssessment, PD Blog

As part of the Electrical and Computing Engineering Strategic Project, Sumedha Rajakaruna addressed two key challenges in the unit he teaches, that is:

  • Finding an alternative to using a whiteboard as it isn’t always available in every venue and doesn’t record on iLectures
  • Finding an efficient and effective way to mark assignments submitted online

The following YouTube video is an excerpt from a micro symposium of project participants showcasing their work. Along with addressing his challenges Sumedha goes into detail about how he […]

eScholar 2012 – Improving language skills by reflecting on video recorded role plays

Lecturer: Kyoko Kawasaki
School: Asian languages
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eAssessment, eScholar

Kyoko Kawasaki implements video-recorded role plays across eight units within the Department of Asian Languages. Students self-record a performance with the opportunity to reflect and improve this performance prior to submission. This established a vital step in the students’ journey to develop fluency and sound communication skills in an Asian language.

eScholar 2011 – Using assessment strategies to promote student engagement

Lecturer: Genevieve JohnsonTania Broadley
School: Education
Category: Collaboration and communication, eAssessment, eScholar

Tania Broadley and Genevieve Johnson engaged students by using regular assessment points. Students developed their own questions and answered other students questions.

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