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Issue 25 – Lights! Camera! ACTION!

By Curtin Teaching and Learning August 10th, 2011 PD Blog No Comments »

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  • Do you need somewhere quiet to record a voiceover or podcast?
  • Would you like the ability to record and edit a high quality video presentation and create a DVD?
  • Have you been looking for a private area where you can run your Elluminate sessions, which doesn’t disturb the other staff members in your open plan office?

Then come and visit the Video, Editing and Elluminate Suite located within the Centre for eLearning in Building 603, 6 Sarich Way, Technology Park.

The Centre for eLearning now has two rooms available for Curtin staff members to book during business hours, Monday to Friday.  These spaces can be used for audio visual recording, editing and publishing.

Video Room Edit and Elluminate Room
This room contains two computers (Mac and PC Laptop) and two cameras (one wall mounted and one available on a tripod).This room can be used to record podcasts, vodcasts, guest speakers, lectures, interviews or any other audio visual material required. The ability to record yourself has never been easier.

Once you have recorded your audio or video, you can edit your recordings next door in the Editing Room. You can edit and publish in peace and quiet.

This room can also be booked by staff who wish to conduct Elluminate sessions in a private environment without disturbing their colleagues.

The iLectures team has reported that recordings made and/or uploaded by staff at their desks or in non-iLecture venues now make up 20% of all iLecture recordings (up from 15% last year).  More and more staff are engaging with their students via video or screencast recordings.

Kathryn Greenhill from the School of Media Culture and Creative Arts talks about her approach to connecting with her online students by creating personalised introductions and delivering general course information via video.

In addition to personalising the online environment for your students, there are many reasons why you may like to use short, sharp video segments to enhance your teaching:

  • Mini lecture / presentation – creation of short and effective video ‘bites’ are easy for students to digest and understand.  Plus, if your students miss a face-to-face lecture a mini lecture could be created instead.  This in turn becomes a revision tool for all of your students to utilise.
  • Unit introduction/Welcome – create a sense of presence for your off-campus students by incorporating short weekly video snippets.
  • Case study – incorporating video case studies that can give your students access to authentic environments and situations that can stimulate and challenge their thinking.
  • Guest lecture – capturing an expert in your field via video can be invaluable for your current and future students.
  • Summary/clarification – similar to unit introductions, creating a video which summarises the most important concepts of a topic can be a very useful technique to incorporate into your online teaching.
  • Feedback – providing general feedback on an assessment task in an audio or video format can be quick and effective. Responses from students who have received feedback in this form have been overwhelmingly positive.

Once you have created a podcast, video or screencast, you have the ability to publish (or share) your recordings via your Blackboard unit or the iLecture system.  Alternatively, you could choose to publish your recordings to YouTube if you would like to make them publicly available.

Want to know more?

The eLearning Advisors are available right next door to the video and edit suite and are happy to provide assistance and support to staff who are interested in using this facility. The team can provide good practice recommendations on the most effective ways to incorporate audio and visual elements into your teaching and learning at Curtin.

There is an exciting array of video editing software to suit all skill levels. If you are unsure of how to use the software or want to try something new you will find direct links to proprietary software guides and resources from the CeL website.

For more information regarding the equipment and software contained within each room and how you can book these rooms, please visit the Video/Editing/Elluminate Suite page.


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