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Curtin University
Note to staff

12 June, 2008


Reducing energy use to minimise strain on Western Australia’s supply You will be aware of the current gas crisis in Western Australia following an explosion at the Varanus Island gas facility in the State’s north. It is anticipated that...

9 June, 2008


ARC Linkage projects The Australian Research Council (ARC) has recently announced the results for Linkage Projects submitted in November 2007 for funding in 2008. Curtin submitted 16 applications and six of these projects have been successful,...

29 May, 2008


Curtin ‘triple-i’ model Most staff will be aware of the curriculum reform being undertaken at Curtin through the Curriculum 2010 (C2010) project. One of the tasks of C2010 was to revisit the shape and emphases of the Curtin award,...

23 May, 2008


Disasters in Burma and China Our deepest sympathy to those with family or friends affected by the cyclone devastation in Burma or the earthquake in China. Tens of thousands of people have died and many remain unaccounted for in both tragedies....

15 May, 2008


Federal budget Like most universities, Curtin paid close attention to the recently announced Federal Budget to see what impact it will have on the higher education sector. The Government will invest $11 billion, including the existing $6 billion in...

7 May, 2008


Carrick Competitive Grants I am pleased to announce that two teams from Curtin have been successful in securing a Carrick Competitive Grant. Only seven were funded from the 23 applications submitted nationally. The two successful Curtin applications...

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