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Curtin University
Note to staff

21 May 2015


Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Training Centres

I am very pleased to advise that Curtin will host one of five Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Training Centres announced by Minister Pyne yesterday.

The ARC Training Centre for Mining Restoration based at Curtin University is the largest centre funded in the national program and links key mining industries with state of the art research into mine site restoration. Led by Curtin Professor Kingsley Dixon, the Centre will receive almost $5 million from the ARC over five years. Partner contributions total a further $800 000 over this period. The Centre will integrate with the world-class restoration research teams at Kings Park and Botanic Garden to create the world’s largest research capacity in mining industry restoration.

The Centre aims to deliver a suite of integrated and focused research projects to deliver successful mining restoration outcomes that will be critical to ensure the national wealth generated through mining delivers a net environmental benefit. A new model of workplace integrated researcher training is a key plank of the Centre that will result in training of 13 PhD students as industry-ready professionals focused on the needs of the mining restoration industry in Australia.

Curtin is also a partner in two grants led by other institutions:

  • The ARC Training Centre for Liquefied Natural Gas Futures which will be based at UWA and involves Professor Moses Tade and Professor Vishnu Pareek. This Centre will deliver training and research to enable more sustainable approaches to the exploitation of deep water LNG reserves that minimise the environmental on-shore impacts of the nationally significant LNG industry.  This Centre was funded with $4.6 million from the ARC.
  • The ARC Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing which will be based at The University of Melbourne and involves Professor Hong Hao and Professor Peter Newman.  This Centre aims to unlock the potential for growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry by creating a sustainable training ecosystem including both industry and universities. This Centre was funded with $4 million from the ARC.

Congratulations to the Curtin staff involved in these wonderful successes.

CWTS Leiden Ranking 2015

In other pleasing news, Curtin has increased its position on the CWTS Leiden Ranking in 2015. Curtin now ranks 278th in the world and 11th in Australia for citation impact – a significant increase from last year’s position of 378th in the world and 18th in Australia.

The Leiden ranking measures the scientific research performance of 750 universities worldwide. Its methodology uses two main indicators: citation impact and scientific collaboration. The Leiden Ranking’s interactive website can be used to generate multiple university performance rankings by selecting metrics within the two indicators.

The citation impact indicator commonly used to determine a university’s overall world rank is known as PP (top 10) which is based on the highest percentage of frequently cited publications.  Using this indicator, there there 23 Australian universities ranked in the top 750 in 2015.

The Leiden Ranking is a research-based league table and relies solely on core publications from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science in the period 2010 to 2013.

The ranking can be located at: The Office of Strategy and Planning will prepare a summary of this year’s results shortly.




  1. Igor Bray May 22, 2015 9:00am

    I went to the Leiden site and entered “Physical Sciences and Engineering” in the “Field” tab. Curtin came out 5th in Australia and 150th in the world. I presume that “Physical Sciences” would correspond to Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry, and so these together with all of Engineering represents a huge component of the university. To be ranked so high on any metric, for such a large part of the university, is quite an achievement!

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