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Curtin University
Note to staff

21 May 2014


EQUIP Milestone: Release of a Proposal For Major Change

As you are all aware, Curtin has a bold ambition to become a recognised international leader in teaching and research by 2030.  Implementing the projects identified as part of our Strategic Plan is essential if we are to realise this vision.

The Academic Reshaping initiative is now in its final stages, with the schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences currently going through the process of reshaping their academic workforce.  In addition, we recently held a function to recognise and celebrate the appointments of our first Teaching Focussed Academics.  We also announced the Teaching Focussed Scholarship grant scheme, which will be open to staff in these new positions.

Our facilities are also undergoing transformation, with over 30 classrooms now refurbished as collaborative learning and technology spaces to assist in the Transforming Learning at Curtin initiatives. Staff achievements were showcased at the recent Festival of Learning, and changes to our approach to learning are being reflected in classrooms and distributed learning forums across the University.

Construction of a new teaching and learning building to be completed by 2016 was announced this month and the upgrading of classrooms and staff accommodation in building 501 has commenced.

Transforming the University’s administration and support services has been underway since early last year.  A key component of this initiative is the EQUIP program.

The EQUIP program was developed to transform our administrative and support services in response to:

  • your feedback that our systems and processes are inefficient and bureaucratic
  • student feedback that our systems need improving, and
  • to help address the Government’s efficiency dividend.

We have now reached a significant milestone in the EQUIP program with today’s release of a Proposal for Major Change: EQUIP Program.  The Proposal contains information relevant to staff who provide finance, human resources, research administration, and teaching support and administration services across the University.  It also outlines the investment Curtin is proposing to make in new teaching support and administration positions, honouring commitments that we made as part of the Reshaping initiative to reduce the administrative load on academics.

Separate Proposals for Major Change relating to Corporate Relations and Development, Student Services, and Faculty, School and Directorate Offices will be released later in the year.

The Proposal for Major Change: EQUIP Program can be viewed online from later today.  I encourage all professional and general staff to access the Proposal and to consider how the proposed changes may impact on them.

Over the four weeks of the consultation period, affected staff will be able to utilise a variety of avenues to:

  • seek information or support in understanding the proposal and its potential impact
  • contribute feedback, and
  • access assistance with personal or career issues and planning.

I am aware that change on this scale will be unsettling for staff.  I want to assure you that the consultation process and the implementation of any changes will be undertaken in a manner that is consistent with the values adopted by the University earlier this year.  A number of measures have been developed with the aim of mitigating the impact on staff as much as possible.  We are also putting in place a transition period to ensure that we maintain our high service standards in all areas.  Many of the measures were developed on the basis of what we learnt from feedback about how we could have managed previous change processes better, including Reshaping.

Curtin, like all other universities, is responding to major changes in the sector both nationally and internationally.  Through the current change process there will be opportunities as well as challenges, and I encourage all affected staff to engage with and to participate fully in the consultation process.  We are committed to supporting you through this change process.



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