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Curtin University
Note to staff

20 November 2012


Australian Research Council funding

I am pleased to announce that Curtin has received $5 million in funding for 16 research proposals in the Australian Research Council (ARC) grants to commence in 2013. Curtin enjoyed significant success in all categories including eight ARC Discovery Projects, two ARC Discovery Early Career Research Awards (DECRA) and six ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) proposals.

The projects will help to build Curtin’s knowledge as we move towards becoming a research intensive university, and I congratulate all the successful candidates.

The Curtin researchers and projects are listed below. The full results are listed on the ARC website

Discovery Projects

Nanoscale liquid interfaces: properties and molecular sensitivity
Associate Professor Damien Arrigan

Promoting scientific literacy of secondary science students through studying socioscientific issues and argumentation
Professor Vaille Dawson and Emeritus Professor Leonie Rennie

Tackling the resurgences of life, advanced dating tools of oils by sophisticated molecular and isotopic analyses from major geological events
Professor Kliti Grice

Advancing the science of willpower: investigating the mechanisms and processes of self- control
Professor Martin Hagger and Associate Professor Jonathan Foster

Keeping pace with a changing climate: can Australian plants count on rapid evolution?
Dr Tianhua He

Containment and reduction of rework in offshore oil and gas projects
Professor Peter Love

The phenomenology of unsteady impinging jets: fluid dynamics and heat transfer
Professor Tony Lucey, Dr Ramesh Narayanaswamy and Dr James Jewkes

Green catalysis for energy and environment using metal free nanostructured carbons
Associate Professor Shaobin Wang and Dr Hongqi Sun

DECRA Projects

Collective action and resistance to terrorism: construction of the Bali Peace Park as counter- terrorism
Dr Anne Aly

A novel pyrolysis process for high-quality bio-oil production from biomass
Dr Yun Yu

LIEF projects

Ultra-trace analytical facility for earth system change
Dr Ross Edwards and Dr Svetlana Tessalina

Three-dimensional analysis of important organic components in energy, environmental and earth systems
Professor Kliti  Grice, Associate Professor Jeff Charrois, Dr Martijn Woltering, Dr Alison Blyth, Professor Richard Bush and Professor Leigh Sullivan

A modern, high-tech mineral separation facility for geochemistry and isotope science
Associate Professor Peter Kinny, Professor Birger Rasmussen, Professor Simon Wilde and Professor Neal McNaughton

Western Australian advanced fluorescence and phosphorescence characterisation facility
Dr Massimiliano Massi, Professor Chun-Zhu Li, Professor Mark Buntine, Dr Kathryn Linge and Dr Debbie Silvester

A facility for the nanoscale imaging and characterisation of materials
Professor Mark Ogden, Professor San Ping Jiang, Associate Professor Damien Arrigan, Dr Debbie Silvester and Professor Craig Buckley

An AZtec electron backscatter diffraction facility for state-of-the-art quantitative microstructural analysis
Professor Steven Reddy, Professor Neal McNaughton, Dr Nicholas Timms, Professor Arie van Riessen and Professor Phil Bland

  1. Igor Bray November 20, 2012 9:18am

    In addition, congratulations to Kliti Grice for the top level Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) as a part of her Discovery success!

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