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Curtin University
Note to staff

29 January 2009


AUQA Curtin Report Cycle 2 2008

I am delighted to advise staff that the AUQA Cycle 2 Audit conducted on Curtin last year has commended the University for many of its teaching and internationalisation activities. The audit involved interviews with over 650 Curtin staff, students and alumni, as well as employers of our graduates. It included our Bentley, Kalgoorlie, Sydney and Sarawak campuses as well as seven offshore partners in four countries.

In comparison to other universities audited in this Cycle, Curtin has the equal highest number of commendations (the achievement of a stated goal), and the equal lowest number of recommendations (an area in need of attention). Curtin is the only university to date in this Cycle to have no ‘urgent’ affirmations (areas of attention already identified by the university), or recommendations.

The table below outlines the results from universities audited during AUQA Cycle 2: 2007 and 2008. 

Total of Aff & Recs
University of Adelaide
9 (1)*
6 (1)*
Australian Catholic University
9 (3)
7 (1)
Griffith University
11 (3)
8 (2)
Notre Dame University
5 (2)
9 (1)
Newcastle University
7 (3)
5 (2)
Southern Cross
14 (3)
Swinburne University
11 (2)
6 (2)
Curtin University of Technology

* Number in bracket refers to the number of ‘urgent’ affirmations or recommendations

Amongst the 11 commendations, Curtin was praised for initiatives aimed at enhancing teaching and learning, including the student evaluation system eVALUate, the Curriculum 2010 course renewal project and the student orientation activities. Our responsiveness to student concerns and the active role of the Student Guild within Curtin was also recognised.

The effectiveness of Curtin’s International Office and that of the Curtin Business School were noted by the auditors, and the University was also commended for the conceptualisation, establishment and successful development of the Sarawak Campus. The internationalisation of research at Curtin, including the development of a research record at Curtin Sarawak was also praised.  Curtin will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Sarawak venture in 2009 and these two commendations will add to the already burgeoning reputation of the Sarawak Campus.

The full report can be viewed at and I urge you all to read it.

Curtin will now develop an action plan that will assist the University in progressing its quality agenda.  It will be in three parts: 

i)              addressing the recommendations and affirmations – as per AUQA requirement;

ii)             the identification of other improvement suggestions within the AUQA report narrative; and

iii)            inclusion of those areas that we had previously identified as requiring further work.

Twelve months after AUQA receives the action plan on how Curtin will attend to the recommendations and affirmations, the AUQA Director will return to Curtin to review the evidence demonstrating how we have addressed each requirement.

The University has undertaken a significant process of reform over the past five years, and the results of this audit are testament to the dedication and innovation of Curtin staff. I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank and congratulate staff on this outstanding achievement. Each commendation is the result of hard work by many people, both prior to and during the audit. I invite all staff to join me on Friday 13 February at 4pm in the John Curtin Gallery to celebrate this success. If you are planning to attend please respond to or ext. 2563, for catering purposes.