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Curtin University
Note to staff

25 March 2009


Listening to Your Voice!
The University Response to the Your Voice Survey, 2008

The results of the Your Voice Survey conducted in May last year show that we have much to celebrate as a community. You have told us that you have clarity of purpose, a belief in Curtin’s values, a shared sense of pride in the abilities of your colleagues, a sense that you work well as teams and the vast majority of you, 84%, say that you enjoy the work that you do. You enjoy our beautiful campus and the well kept grounds and gardens and you feel that you contribute to Curtin’s success. These are very strong indicators of a healthy organisation where people are proud and happy to work.

You have also shared with us your concerns and identified a number of areas where there is room for improvement. Work has already begun on addressing these issues and will continue throughout the year. As a result of the feedback from the survey all members of the Executive and I are currently engaged in a 360 degree appraisal of our skills, involving feedback from superiors, peers and staff. We have also instigated a new Leading Curtin Heads of School Development Program which will better equip this key group of academic leaders in their role.

Although almost 70% of you agreed with the statement that bullying and abusive behaviours are prevented and discouraged at Curtin, it is obvious that this is unfortunately not true of the whole University, with a few small pockets showing real concern about such behaviours. I take these concerns seriously and we are working on strategies to address the issue and to ensure that a culture which genuinely values staff prevails throughout the University.

Other issues being actively addressed on a university wide basis include:

  • A new approach to academic workload
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Communication and the sharing of information across different sections

Local Area Responses to Your Voice

At the local area level managers have been given detailed information in relation to the staff survey response for their school or unit. I have asked that managers confer with staff, identify some issues particular to their area and produce action plans to address them. Over the next few months these plans will be collated and we will share with you progress and achievements as they occur.

The Staff Survey website, is currently being updated and will shortly be bringing you news and stories of achievements in response to Your Voice. It will also provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback and good ideas on your area’s response to the survey results. I urge you to access it.

I am grateful to all staff who took the time to complete the survey. Your opinions matter and we are listening to your concerns.