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Curtin University
Note to staff

16 June 2009


Student StartUp website revamped

Congratulations to the Student Central eServices team for successfully revamping the StartUp website which all new students are encouraged to visit. The revamp consolidated and grouped information and links from many different sources. The site was also moved inside OASIS for the first time, giving it much greater visibility.

In addition, the Student eServices Team, in consultation with Support Services, the Library, CITS, Security, the Bookshop, Sport and Recreation, the Guild and the Faculties, also developed seven quizzes to encourage new students to explore the website and OASIS. This initiative was an overwhelming success with over 4,000 quizzes completed over the six weeks of the competition.

I am very pleased that the revamp has contributed to a better informed intake of new students this year and it will be repeated for mid-year intake in Semester 2.

New Forms Finder on OASIS

In an effort to continually improve business processes, a new Forms Finder was made available for staff through OASIS in May. This new tool has been developed to help staff quickly locate forms currently in use at the University through keyword searches, browsing categories, or an A-Z list.

An audit of forms published on the Curtin website identified over 700 forms, many of which were out of date or no longer in use. The new Forms Finder includes only 335 forms, all of which have been confirmed by owner areas as current.

The University now has endorsed a Form Design Procedure and associated Form Design Standard to help improve the usability and presentation of Curtin’s forms. This new process must now be followed whenever revising or creating a form. For more information, please contact the Flow Team.

Many thanks to the Flow Team for their efforts on this project.

Curtin Men’s Hockey Success

I am pleased to advise that the Curtin men’s hockey team has won gold in the 2009 Vice-Chancellor’s Shield Hockey Championships held at Perth Hockey Stadium on Friday 22 May.

The event hosted a full complement of teams in both the men’s and women’s divisions, with Curtin University of Technology, The University of Notre Dame, Edith Cowan University, The University of Western Australia and Murdoch University all represented.

Curtin headed into the grand final on equal points with UWA, who were favourites to take the title. The event showcased some brilliant hockey from both teams before Curtin achieved a 2-1 victory.

Congratulations to the team on an outstanding outcome.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Professor Jane den Hollander attended the post-match function to present the awards.

I also wish to congratulate Curtin students Andre Di Filippo, Tim Bunney, Griffin Thomas, Alyssa Josephs, Holly White, and Danielle Spaull who were named into the Tertiary Sports WA Merit Teams.

New Catering Contract

Curtin recently conducted a tender process to select catering operators for the cafes in Buildings 104 (formerly Monties), 111 (Curtin Stadium), 200 (currently Kirribilli Cafe), and 500 (Resources and Chemistry Precinct) has been selected.

The successful tenderer is Delaware North Food Services. It was selected on the basis of quality of the proposal which offered Curtin a variety of food outlets that match the style of the venue, and a significant capital contribution to refurbish B104 and B200. Curtin will also be investing in the refurbishment of the catering facility in B104 to make it a venue of choice on Campus.

When the four outlets are open later this year, together with the outlets operated by the Guild and their tenants, Curtin will have one of the most exciting range of food outlets on any university campus in Australia. The range will include healthy style food, halal, vegetarian, up market café style as well cheaper take away food. Building 104 will house facilities suitable for staff and guests in a quieter setting.

The Guild has advised the University that they will be closing Kirribilli Café in the coming weeks, however they are endeavouring to minimise the time that the Café is closed during the change of management. Delaware North will re-open Kirribilli under a new name in mid July.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Guild for the service they have provided over the past 10 years from Kirribilli. The Guild will continue to run all their other existing food outlets – Café Angazi, Café @ Concept, The Tav, Main Café, the recently refurbished Vege Patch with its new coffee bar The Coffee Patch, the Bookmark Café and The Basement Café. Similarly, the Guild leased outlets, George’s Kebabs and Simply Delicious, will be unaffected.

An on campus catering service will continue to be provided by the Guild through Kirribilli Catering and Delaware North will also provide a similar service.

Report on Initiatives Undertaken with University Funding

This report outlines initiatives undertaken with University funding for quality improvement including C2010 and AUQA.

In 2007 and 2008 the University provided $700,000 to each Faculty to provide support for the variety of projects the University was required to progress. These mostly related to the work associated with Curriculum 2010 (C2010) and the AUQA preparations for the second cycle assessment due in the third quarter of 2008.

All Faculties received their funding in late 2007. Each Faculty had slightly different needs and ways of working and hence allocated and spent the funds in slightly different ways. To date a small amount of funding in Humanities and Science and Engineering is unspent but the work is on track and the funds have been allocated to specific purposes.

Below is a brief summary of some of the activities undertaken in each School as a consequence of this additional funding. Our AUQA success and the gains already achieved from the C2010 project suggest to me that we have had very good value out of this. Alongside this, a number of other achievements at the School level were realised.

My congratulations to all staff who initiated and implemented these improvement activities.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

o providing additional administrative and course coordinator support for C2010
o preparation of Engineers Australia accreditation and AUQA documentation
o developing learning materials for new software purchased for teaching and research
o support for distance education units

Science and Computing
o providing additional administrative support to assist with C2010 and AUQA
o improve the School’s web presence and maintenance
o providing administrative support for the development of BSc majors
Agriculture and Environment
o supporting C2010 review in Agribusiness;
o purchase of microscopes in Environmental Biology;
o development of on-line mixed delivery programs in Viticulture

o review WASM administration and implementation.

Faculty Office
o review of Faculty-wide administration and implementation and C2010 and AUQA preparation
o review of the School of Agriculture and Environment’s operations
o redevelop Faculty web site and implement Faculty web coordination and management
o improve facilities within the Student Services Office to improve turnaround time for student enquiries

Faculty of Humanities

Media, Cultural and Creative Arts
o develop new first year foundation units, including online offerings

Social Work
o employ additional staff as a result of the School move to Health Sciences

o ensure progress of curriculum reform
o refurbishment for facilities
o marketing and development of plan

o curriculum reform and data collection
o refurbishment and new equipment
o Social Sciences and Asian Languages (fund transfer delayed to March 2009 as requested by the School) curriculum reform, marketing and student retention

Built Environment
o Currently resubmitting a funding proposal

Design and Art
o A resubmitted funding proposal from the School for the development of new first year foundation units, including online offerings, is expected soon

Curtin Business School

All Schools
o fund additional sessional staff across Faculty to cover for key academic staff being allocated to C2010 activities as the B Com was the first major degree reviewed in C210
o fund administrative support and backfill for AUQA preparation activities, especially in relation to the international theme which was very significant in the CBS

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Nursing & Midwifery
o design of new Bachelor of Science (Nursing) and development of new curriculum
o review quality of clinical experience, flexibility of learning methods, assessment & feedback strategies

School of Physiotherapy
o comprehensive course review of BSc, GEM and postgraduate Master courses
o established protocol to ensure collection of student data upon graduation for reporting to Australian Physiotherapy Council on aspects of its operations as part of accreditation
o development of induction manual, annual research report and other reports

School of Public Health
o preparation for AUQA and consolidation and development of units across UG programs
o review and consolidation of UG and PG programs
School of Occupational Therapy
o re-accreditation of the Master of Occupational Therapy
o completion of curriculum mapping of the BSc(OT) through Curriculum 2010
o student placements in an indigenous community

School of Psychology
o AUQA preparations and staff support for academics including TPI submissions
o tutorial and marking support for UG Psychology staff involved in C2010 comprehensive course review
o Upgrade of teaching facilities/equipment in building 401.

School of Biomedical Sciences including Dept of Dental Hygiene
o C2010 process for each of its degree programs and benchmarking – Lab Medicine & Human Biology
o project to develop model to integrate workload, WPPR & MCIG processes
o improve Project Directors accessibility and availability to act upon student feedback

School of Pharmacy
o accreditation compliance of new C2010 course
o IPL workshops and introduction of the new Pharmaceutical Chemistry units
o equipment purchase to cover introduction of new course and refurbishment of dispensary

Centre for International Health
o doctoral program updating, major unit updates