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Underwater video camera delivering real-time images

Tags: Agriculture and Environment Audiovisual Audiovisual and Multimedia science and engineering video Virtual environments

Piercam is an installation of underwater video cameras, located under the Exmouth Navy Pier, at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. It is now used as a successful teaching tool in a number of units within Curtin’s Bachelor of Aquatic Science (Coastal Zone Management) programme. It helps the students to develop skills in biodiversity measurement and bio-monitoring using real time data, which they can simultaneously access over the internet.

Issue 2 – Get flexible with iLectures

Tags: Audiovisual CeL newsletter iLecture podcast

In this issue we present two handy how to tips to make it easier for you (and your students) to link to iLecture recordings and PowerPoint files.

Use of Video to Support and Engage Students

Tags: Audiovisual Audiovisual and Multimedia David Stanley health sciences nursing and midwifery student engagement video

Moving the students’ first clinical unit to a web based format ran the risk of students disengaging from the face to face lecture content. To avoid this and to motivate students to continue to come to lectures, a set of humourous (yet useful) short video messages were developed.