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Call for papers: Sentient creatures: Transforming biopolitics and life matters

Tags: Academic Ventures animals archive bioethics biopolitics biopower Nature and Science nonhuman Research Management Technology and Telecommunications

Where: University of Oslo
When: 15-17 September 2010
The concepts of biopower and biopolitcs, so eloquently and significantly laid out by Michel Foucault, are quite possibly insufficient to our understanding of past and contemporary living. Just think about zoonoses including the ‘swine flue’ pandemic, and the ways in which the production of facts about the human body [...]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Inactive Information

Tags: advice archive archives destruction disposal Information Management online record records storage submission

In our desire to make communicating news and issues related to processing inactive information easier, we have created this new blog.  Our hope is that it will become a forum for queries and solutions for our users and a way to communicate with your collegues around the university who are processing inactive information in their area.
We will [...]

The effect of light on documents

Tags: advice archive archives Information Management record storage

Preserve valuable documents from degradation by light, scan it once at a high resolution save it and store the original away in a light tight environment. Then use the scan to reproduce the image as many times as you like, all the while conserving the original from fading.

Feeling boxed in?

Tags: archive box boxes online Online Submissions record submission

Do you have boxes of inactive folders cluttering up your office? Running out of room? Then University Information Management is able to provide you with assistance
University Archives is the team within University Information Management that can assist you to process your inactive information and we can offer you personalised one-on-one training on the processing and transferring of your [...]