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We’ve lost the battle for hearts and minds

The murder of 16 Afghan civilians by a lone US soldier in Afghanistan this week is a tragic incident, which destroys the fundamental principles upon which this population-centric war is being fought.

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Afghan a game of Russian roulette

THE US-led International Security Assistance Force has set a deadline to conclude the campaign in Afghanistan.

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R2P from 10,000 feet

Those in favour of intervention in Libya were quick to cite R2P as the justification for their actions. As the conflict begins to resemble a stalemate, the disconnect between the message and the means has become apparent.

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Libya: Should we go around the UN?

The view of Anthony Cordesman on the predicament of NATO and the no-fly zone over Libya, raises important questions for the world and for Australia.

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Australian National Security until 2025

Comments to the Strategic Flashligt seminar on Australia’s future security challenges until 2025.

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