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Burma and Libya: The politics of inconsistency

Lord Palmerston said nearly 200 years ago that countries have no eternal allies or perpetual enemies, only eternal and perpetual interests.

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The Kurils: Japan needs to move on

The 37th G-8 Summit in Deauville, France, gave Russia an opportunity to strengthen its foothold in the Pacific, and not just through a final go-ahead of the Mistral amphibious ships deal, which has become a stumbling block in the past two months or so.

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Fiji: Engagement is not appeasement

Some of the reactions to the publication of my Policy Brief on Australian policy towards Fiji have confirmed my thinking that debate on the situation is Fiji is so polarised that rational discussion is almost impossible.

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Fateful choices, then and now

I’ve just finished reading Ian Kershaw’s Fateful Choices. It’s a compelling analysis of ten decisions by war leaders in Britain, the US, the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy and Japan during 1940 and 1941 (a comprehensive review here). It should be compulsory reading for statesmen, diplomats and generals in 21st century Asia.

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