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More than words: Australia–Indonesia strategic relations

Australia’s leaders from both sides of politics have been paying greater attention to Indonesia; there’s been more official engagement, as well as new diplomatic and defence initiatives in the past year.

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International cyber security: a divided road

In the globalised, interdependent world in which we live our modern lives, the keystone that keeps much of our economies, infrastructures, lines of communication, defence, security, intelligence and social capital enabled is the cyber domain.

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What Abbott will do about defence

As the arrival next year of Tony Abbott’s government looms ever closer, it is illuminating to have a de facto election manifesto.

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AUSMIN puts icing on the alliance cake

The big annual AUSMIN meeting, where Australia’s defence and foreign ministers get together with their US counterparts, has just concluded in San Francisco.

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Is Australia serious about its defence?

I opened up a line of discussion prompted by Dr Ross Babbage’s article on the problems with Australia’s defence policy after the last budget.

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