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Interview: Walter Russell Mead on Asia’s game of thrones

Below is the first instalment of my interview series with renowned US foreign policy analyst Walter Russell Mead, Editor-at-Large for The American Interest and author of Special Providence and God and Gold.

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Demystifying Darwin

Chinese strategic thinkers, who previously did not pay much attention to far-off Australia, now want to know more about the ‘Darwin decision’.

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Hope aground in South China Sea

Talks on an ASEAN-China code of conduct in the South China Sea were not the only thing to run aground in that contested body of water last week.

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What Abbott will do about defence

As the arrival next year of Tony Abbott’s government looms ever closer, it is illuminating to have a de facto election manifesto.

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LHDs risk our Indonesia relations

For decades now, Australia has managed to remain the dominant military power south of China and east of India without provoking any major Indonesian response.

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Has Asia’s power balance really shifted?

As China rises, how far and how fast is Asia’s power balance shifting?

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Why the South China Sea matters

I was somewhat surprised to read Brendan Taylor’s matter-of-fact statement that the South China Sea isn’t really a vital interest for any of Asia’s great powers, except perhaps for China.

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Asia-Pacific theatre Putin’s new stage

Earlier this month, Vladimir Putin scored a clear victory in the first round of presidential elections, securing more than 63 per cent of the Russian vote.

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We’ve lost the battle for hearts and minds

The murder of 16 Afghan civilians by a lone US soldier in Afghanistan this week is a tragic incident, which destroys the fundamental principles upon which this population-centric war is being fought.

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R2P and Syria: Avoiding collateral damage

We are in danger of drawing the wrong conclusions from the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria.

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