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Missing in action: Persuasive counter-narratives and reasoned discourse

By: Anne-Marie Balbi This publication first appeared in The Interpreter, Lowy Institute of International Policy on 17 March 2016.   In light of recent terror attacks in Israel it is hard not to reflect upon the narrative that must be influencing them. The Israel-Palestinian conflict is understandably part of that discourse, but so is the […]

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India threat?

India is presently investing in a sustained program of military modernisation. Some $40bn was earmarked for defence in the budget for 2012–13, with a significant proportion to be spent on new weapons.

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More than words: Australia–Indonesia strategic relations

Australia’s leaders from both sides of politics have been paying greater attention to Indonesia; there’s been more official engagement, as well as new diplomatic and defence initiatives in the past year.

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India: a rising power?

The rise of India has been trumpeted by analysts and scholars for over a decade.

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Indonesia’s terrorism: a perpetual threat

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the Bali bombing, there’ll be remembrance ceremonies, personal reflections, and the entirely justified acknowledgments of the successful law enforcement and security cooperation that emerged since 2002.

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China choice: Thai parallels for Australia

After my most recent trip to Thailand, I began to reflect upon the parallels in security between Thailand and Australia.

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International cyber security: a divided road

In the globalised, interdependent world in which we live our modern lives, the keystone that keeps much of our economies, infrastructures, lines of communication, defence, security, intelligence and social capital enabled is the cyber domain.

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