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Festival of Learning a great success!

By Jill Downie 26 May 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Thanks to all those who helped to make our first Festival of Learning a great success!

The three day program culminated in an industry event on Wednesday evening at the John Curtin Gallery, attended by more than 100 VIP guests and staff. What a wonderful evening! My sincere thanks to all those involved, particularly John Morgan, Nina Sellars, Torsten Reiners and Andrew Wood and his team who impressed guests with demonstrations of their work in innovation in teaching and learning.

Torsten’s 3-D virtual world scenarios and Oculus Rift goggles were a hit throughout the Festival attracting an endless queue of staff and students during the media launch and main event in the Guild Courtyard, a colourful and vibrant showcase of teaching and learning at its best. There were games to play, apps to trial, speakers to debate and so much more! Read more…

Festival of Learning – Game On!

By Jill Downie 26 May 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Thanks to Leah Irving and Torsten Reiners we have a fantastic game occurring during the three days of the Festival of Learning. Read more…

Festival of Learning – Four days to go!

By Jill Downie 26 May 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Monday – Tuesday

The Festival of Learning Monday and Tuesday programs have now been finalised and what an amazing line up we have. You can find the programs at the Transforming Learning at Curtin website. Read more…

Transforming Learning @ Curtin

By Jill Downie 16 October 2013 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

In addition to changing the design and delivery of Curtin courses, we are also fine tuning other elements of a Curtin University education to ensure the skills and expertise of our graduates align with the changing demands of employers.

Feedback from government and private organisations is that leadership is a critical ingredient in the skills base of all employees, and that graduates who have developed these attributes have an advantage over their counterparts.

With this in mind, Curtin is strengthening its existing programs, and creating new opportunities for students to develop leadership skills aligned to the Social Change Model of Leadership built around personal, team and community values.  Read more…

Transforming Learning @ Curtin University

By Jill Downie 4 October 2013 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

The rapid review of our courses is now complete and our ART 2015 team is sifting through the data to set priorities for the next phase of Transforming Learning at Curtin. There is no doubt we have an enormous task ahead of us to reach our goal of transforming all Curtin courses by the end of 2015, but it is very pleasing and encouraging to see that good progress has already been made in a number of areas.

We will have the opportunity to showcase some of these examples during faculty updates planned for later this month. An invitation and more information will be sent to you soon.

A very successful symposium on Assessing the Impact of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) on Student Work Readiness was held here at Curtin at the end of August with more than 50 teaching and professional staff attending. The symposium was an initiative of the Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN).  Read more…

Transforming Learning @ Curtin University

By Jill Downie 2 September 2013 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

The progress we are making in implementing the Learning for Tomorrow – Transforming Learning at Curtin initiatives continues to surpass expectations and across the board we are well on track.  We have more news to share every week, including these latest highlights from the project. For more information on any of our work, visit our website which is regularly updated with stories and achievements.

  • Our first distributed learning session between Port Hedland and Bentley was a success. These locations may be 1,640 kilometres apart, but distance wasn’t an issue.  As part of the BSc Nursing (Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse stream), Indigenous Cultures and Health 130 and Inquiry for Nursing Practice 161 are the first units to be delivered in this way.  This innovate pilot scheme is part of our regional education initiative to demonstrate education can be successfully delivered remotely. Read more…

Transforming Learning @ Curtin University

By Jill Downie 31 July 2013 Teaching & Learning 3 Comments »

I am pleased to report that Transforming Learning at Curtin is progressing at a rapid pace. Our project leads have been working around the clock and we are starting to realise the benefits across a number of key learning initiatives, including: 

  • the Rapid Review of courses is 25% complete with the team working hard to meet completion deadline of the end August;
  • the launch of our first MOOC Discovering the Universe through Science and Technology attracting over 1,500 enrolments;
  • the completion of our first telepresence learning pilot with Zhejiang University of Media (ZUMC), one of China’s premier specialist media universities Earth, Sky, Us.
  • completion of the Blackboard upgrade to deliver advanced learning and collaboration online tools;
  • we have returned Common Free Time to the students with a 93% reduction in hours scheduled in CFT thereby improving the student experience; and
  • Pilot of the OB3 web based learning application will commence in a number of units across the University from next week. Read more…

New Quality Framework for Teaching and Learning at Curtin

By Naomi Prisgrove 18 June 2013 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

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Curtin Pilot of OB3

By Lyn Marks 12 April 2013 Teaching & Learning 3 Comments »

Curtin will soon be launching a Pilot of the OB3 web based learning application.

About OB3

OB3 is a web application accessed through your browser or tablet device. It supports staff and students to efficiently create and share media-rich online study documents, using only basic computing skills, such as those required for using Microsoft Word, an internet browser, and email.  OB3 has been developed with a strong focus on visual interaction and educational design.  OB3 provides a development platform offering many opportunities for educational innovation, and offers the potential to deliver a more integrated experience for staff and students. Read more…

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

By Lyn Marks 14 March 2013 Teaching & Learning 1 Comment »

I would like to let staff know about a fantastic mentoring program that Curtin has recently commenced a partnership with, and hope you will encourage your students to take up to this unique opportunity.

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is a mentoring program that links Indigenous high school students with university students in order to improve high school completion rates and encourage Indigenous students to think big about their post school options.

~ Click here for a short video introduction to AIME ~

AIME was founded in Redfern in 2008. From small beginnings it has grown into a national organisation with more than 50 staff across four states and 20 University partners engaged with more than 200 schools. They have developed a strong reputation across Australia based on the success of their programs and were last year featured on ABC’s ‘Australian Story’. Click here to watch AIME on Australian Story.

AIME has had significant success on the east coast of Australia with participating students completing high school at six times the national average of other Indigenous students. Attached is a short summary of AIME’s impact in 2012. Murdoch, Notre Dame, ECU and Curtin University have entered into an exciting three year partnership with AIME this year.

This is a great opportunity for Curtin students to help build a stronger Australia, connect with Aboriginal Australia and have a significant personal impact on the educational outcome for a local Aboriginal High School student. Read more…

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