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March Updates

By Jill Downie 6 March 2015 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Inside Curtin

Campus is certainly lively this week as thousands of students fill the grounds for the first time in 2015. Colour, activity and energy abound. There is so much happening and so many stories to tell, we wanted the opportunity to share them with as many staff and students as possible. Visit Wesfarmers Court on any day at either 10am or 2pm and you’ll see just a sample of these Insider stories on our very own Curtin TV. Each episode begins with a welcome to country from Nyungar Elder and Associate Professor Simon Forest, followed by our fortnightly video news program Inside Curtin. This week’s host is Stadium events coordinator Megs Crane. Stories include a student vox pop on Orientation Week and information about the Curtin Experiences Summer Lovin’ Program. We also meet guild president Jason Giancono.

Also on Curtin TV is work by 2014 film and television, art and design students as well as a series of tips for new students. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any material or ideas you would like to submit for inclusion in the program, which will be updated fortnightly, please contact Sharon Iannello. Read more…

Mid-November Update

By Jill Downie 21 November 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Inside Curtin Episode 3

In the latest episode of Inside Curtin our health professional students talk about why they love their role at the Challis Educational Therapy Centre in Armadale. We also hear from student reporter Sebastian Neuweiler, asking Western Australia’s first team of Indigenous rowers how the sport is helping them get ahead. Read more…

News Update for November

By Jill Downie 10 November 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Inside Curtin: November 2014

In Episode 2 of Inside Curtin we ask staff about transmedia in education and the October visit by Starlight Runner Entertainment CEO Jeff Gomez while our student reporter Georgia Gunther reports on the 2014 Relay for Life.

Read more…

Transmedia will change the future of communication, education and leadership

By Jill Downie 15 October 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

What an amazing and hugely exciting start to the month. During the first week of October Curtin was host to international transmedia producers Jeff Gomez and Steele Filipek of New York based Starlight Runner Entertainment.

In five tightly scheduled days Jeff and Steele presented to about 600 staff, students and external stakeholders on population activation, corporate narrative and the role of transmedia storytelling in research and the future of education. Despite being well prepared and researching the latest trends in this area, I think all of us were inspired by the possibilities raised during these discussions. I hope to be able to provide more news on Curtin’s plans for transmedia story telling in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who participated in the discussions. Jeff has told us how amazed he was by Curtin and our staff and students. Read more…

September News Update

By Jill Downie 3 October 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Transmedia storytelling in education and research

We’ve had an excellent response from all staff and students to events planned as part of the University’s discussions on transmedia narrative and its application in education and research. Headlining the week long program, a joint initiative of Greater Curtin, Uni Marketing and Curtin Teaching and Learning, is Hollywood transmedia producer Jeff Gomez. Read more…

Transmedia Storytelling in Research & Education

By Jill Downie 8 September 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Internationally renowned Transmedia expert Jeff Gomez will be at the Bentley campus from 29 September to 3 October as part of a week-long program of targeted forums and seminars to better understand this emerging communication technique.

The visit by Jeff, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, is a joint initiative of Greater Curtin, Uni Marketing and the Education Portfolio. Jeff is well known for his work on projects such as Avatar, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, and Halo, as well as brand campaigns such as the Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory.
Read more…

Updates from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Education

By Jill Downie 20 August 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Curtin Challenge

Curtin Challenge, our homegrown platform for delivering fun and interactive learning experiences, is now in testing with more than 300 students taking part in the pilot project during semester two.

Leadership and Careers Illuminate are co-curricular challenges that enable students to develop skills, build networks and shape their future. At the end of a challenge, students earn rewards for their achievements and the opportunity to receive official recognition on the new Curtin Extra Certificate. Feedback from the pilot will be incorporated into the ongoing development of the platform, and contribute towards new challenges including the ‘Balance of the Planet’ sustainability challenge and the ‘Preparatory English’ Uniready challenge! Read more…

Transmedia Story Telling

By Jill Downie 11 August 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Many of you will have heard the exciting news that Curtin is hosting a visit by an international expert on transmedia story telling.

Jeff Gomez, who is CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, will be on campus at Bentley for a week from 29 September. He is recognised internationally as the creator of transmedia narrative, an emerging technique for delivering storylines or themes to mass audiences on multiple platforms, using a mix of both traditional and digital media.

While much of Jeff’s renown comes from his work on blockbusters such as Avatar and Hunger Games, the art of transmedia storytelling is increasingly used in campaigns for social change. It is also emerging as a model for teaching and learning. Read more…

Annual Report to Council on Learning for Tomorrow

By Jill Downie 26 May 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

I recently presented a 12-month update to Council on our plans to deliver Learning for Tomorrow, in line with the University’s 2013-2017 Strategic Vision.

While we continue to focus on ‘next steps’, there is certainly value in taking a few moments to reflect on what has been achieved so far. Read more…

Learning for Tomorrow News

By Jill Downie 26 May 2014 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Curtin is taking education and the expertise of its academics, to the world. This is just one of the formal announcements we made during the Festival of Learning to demonstrate how we are transforming Learning at Curtin and our plans to be the preferred provider of education, globally.

Our strategy is to deliver Learning for Tomorrow by removing geographic boundaries and actively engaging students through technology and innovation, wherever they are in the world.

Formal announcements during the Festival included our plans to reach one million learners in 2017 and to expand our presence in the international education arena. Read more…

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