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February DVCA Update

By Jill Downie 2 March 2017 Teaching & Learning No Comments »

Welcome to 2017!

What a great start to the academic year with the campus looking absolutely amazing to welcome our new students. Heartfelt congratulations and thanks to everyone who plays a role in this very special week.

Last week the Academic Portfolio Leadership Group met for its first ‘together day’ of the year. These days are an opportunity for the leadership team down to manager level to come together to hear about and discuss important strategic issues, and for planning, team building and fun. I’ll give you a short summary here and the slides have been circulated to my directors who will share and discuss with their teams.

We started the day with a great Q&A session with the Vice-Chancellor. Debbie spent a few minutes talking about the strategic priorities this year and then took questions from our team. There was great engagement and everyone greatly appreciated the time Debbie was able to spend with us.

I then led a brief discussion on some of the strategic projects and issues on our plate:

  • A significant amount of work is currently happening across the University to bring the Dubai Campus and partnership to life, and this will help realise strategic opportunities for Curtin in the future. The foundation program is planned to commence in May this year and our first undergraduate intake will be in early 2018.
  • Planning for the Midland Campus is progressing well and the plans for the building look beautiful. This will open in 2019.
  • All of you will have seen the transformation occurring to develop Curtin Connect here on campus. Planned to officially open in June this year, benefits from bringing student services and support teams together area already starting to emerge. Your creativity and resilience in working in temporary spaces during the busiest part of your year is appreciated!
  • A project to review and optimise processes relating to the timetable, room allocations and utilisation of space is underway, being led by Debra Farrelly. Debra has previously worked at Charles Darwin University and the University of New South Wales in executive roles in Corporate Services and Student Services.
  • The Faculty Structures Review is underway and staff are encouraged to submit their views on faculty structures as outlined in the recently released Issues Paper.

Marion Kickett and Simon Forrest then gave the team an overview of the findings and outcomes of the recent Strengthening Indigenous Outcomes Health Check. As many of you will appreciate there has been a significant focus in recent years on Strengthening Indigenous Outcomes for staff and students at Curtin and it was pleasing to here this has been acknowledged in the Health Check.

Following this we spent some time workshopping a couple of the key priorities – the Distinctive Curtin Student Experience – led by Michelle Rogers, and the review of Graduate Capabilities – led by Julianne Reid. In both cases this is just the start of a consultation process which will extend into the year but there was some really great ideas shared.

Over lunch we had an inspirational and entertaining speech from Mr Graham Collins, who has worked as an exam supervisor at Curtin for many years. He was recognized by Darren Gibbs as espousing the Curtin Values and Darren asked if Graham could address our team. Graham is a wonderful example of the Curtin Values and is an energetic and highly engaged senior citizen.

In the afternoon, some of my executive colleagues joined us – Ian Callahan, Seth Kunin, Ty Hayes, Garry Allison and John Cordery. They each summarised the key priorities in their areas and we were able to discuss some of the implications for the Areas in the portfolio.

We ended the day with some fun. A talented group of staff from the Careers and Leadership teams in Support Services facilitated a team building exercise which was a great learning experience and a heap of fun. My sincere thanks and congratulations to Kirsten Barker, Kathryn Clements, Stuart Hunter, Julian Harris, Sasha Hilton and Natasha Curran who were incredibly professional and good at their jobs.

We have another busy year ahead – what’s new! I look forward to working with you all to achieve more great things for our wonderful students and for Curtin!


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